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    iP5 crashing

    Nearest Apple store is about 80 miles away.
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    iP5 crashing

    Yesterday, right after I pushed the home button, the phone went black and then to the Apple icon. After a while, the icon would fade then return then fade again over and over. When I got home I was able to plug in to my laptop and itunes and do a restore and everything worked fine. Tonight...
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    My iP5 is driving me Whacko!

    My phone is possessed. There's no telling what it will do. Twice in the past few days it has eliminated several apps that I use frequently. Sometimes, after it has been laying on the desk for a while I will pick it up to find that the screen has been zoomed in- something that should take the...
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    Frequent crashes. Forced Restores

    Three times over the past couple of weeks I have found my iP5 dead when I wake up in the morning. The phone had been on the charger all night. Dead as in crashed. Bricked. Not a dead battery. It did it again last night. When I woke up it would not turn on. I held both buttons down about 30...
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    Settings app crashes immediately upon launch

    I am the OP and, No sir, the phone is not jail broken. My iP4 was JB'd but I have found no need to do so with the iP5. I finally solved my problem by putting into DFU and doing a full restore as a new phone. I did a full back up first. I could not do a regular restore because it requires you...
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    Settings app crashes immediately upon launch

    Follow up. I thought I would try a Restore and hopefully get back full function of the phone, including "Settings." I did a backup. When I click "restore from backup" it tells me to turn off "Find my Phone." Well... I CAN'T turn of "Find My Phone" because I can't get into Settings...
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    Settings app crashes immediately upon launch

    I have been into "Settings" a few times this morning but have not reset anything. Suddenly, as soon as I touch the "Settings" icon it flashes to a blank, gray screen, then back to the home page. It does this every time. I have done a hard boot with no change. I have not tried putting it into...
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    The damn thing just died

    I had a similar scare this morning with a more positive result. I updated the IOS just yesterday. No problems. Was reading my e book with the phone last night. Put it to sleep when I was done and set it on the night stand. This morning it would not wake up. After holding the power and...
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    Search function in iOS Map app does not work

    Initial tests seem to prove that out. Thanks!
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    Search function in iOS Map app does not work

    Ever since I upgraded the IOS several months ago (7.0.3) the search function in Maps does not work. I can type in something like "Denver CO" and will get a message saying "No Results Found." Really? This app can't find a major city? Even if I just type in "Denver" and it gives me a drop...
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    Zagg Invisible SHIELD

    I had used the Zagg Invisible Shield on my IP3 and really liked it When I got the iP4 I ordered the OB and new Zaggs. I tried just the OB first but didn't really like the feel of the plastic shield. To me, it was not very sensitive to touch. I installed the Zagg and really did not like the...
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    Additional screen protector w/ otterbox defender

    I've used the Zagg with the OB Defender on my iP4 and iP5. In both cases I removed the plastic OB shield and it works great. I mostly carry my phone on the belt holster so dust and pocket lint, etc, is not a real issue but occasionally I remove the OB case to give the phone a good cleaning...
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    Zagg Invisible SHIELD

    I use Zagg front and back WITH Otterbox Defender, but take out the plastic shield on the otterbox. Works great.
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    Otterbox Defender issue

    I had an Otterbox Defender on my iPhone4 for at least two years with no issues whatsoever. I've had the Defender on my Iphone 5 for a little over a month and the rubber is already wearing through where the holster clips on to the phone. Wearing on both sides. The hard plastic finger that...
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    iPhone 5 tethered to ATT Mifi

    Mmoy, we cannot get broadband out here except for Hughesnet. Been there. Done that. No more. I could just tether my laptop to my iP5 but the Myfi gets a much stronger signal. Plus my wife has an iP4 and can't get 4G so she gets better connection via wireless through the Myfi.