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    How do I delete photos from my albums?

    Hi. I copied over a few to many photos in my photo albums and would like to delete a few of them. How can I do this? FYI: They are NOT in the Camera Roll on the iPhone. Thanks! Kathy
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    Anyone having problems with Bluetooth?

    Hi. My car has a built-in bluetooth system with microphone, speaker, etc. which worked great with my old Nokia phone. However, people are telling me that I'm very hard to hear and understand when I talk hands-free on my new iPhone. Any ideas?
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    Cool Down

    I had the same problem. I left my phone in my car while I went to the dentist. Apparently, it was in the sun cause, when I came out, I had an EMERGENCY screen which indicated the phone would have to cool down before I could use it. Frankly, I thought that was kinda' weird?????
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    Good stylus for iPhone 4?

    Hi. Any recommendations for a good stylus? I bought a cheap one and it doesn't work very well. Thanks!
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    How do I paste something into a message from the clipboard?

    Hi everyone. Still figuring out my new iPhone and I'm having trouble with one thing. I downloaded an app for animoticons and, in order to use them, I have to copy them to the clipboard and paste them into the message or e-mail. I can successfully copy them to the clipboard but HOW do I...
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    Ringtones for iphone 4

    Hi. I want to download a few ringtones for my new iPhone. I really want the REAL music ones like a clip of Sweet Child of Mine by Guns n Roses, etc. Any website recommendations? Thanks!