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    Which Bluetooth do you use?

    I'm looking to replace the stock wired  earbuds (that came with my iPhone 7) And jump into the world of Bluetooth. What pair should I buy? I'd like to stay with an in ear bud style. I'd like to stay reasonable price wise. What pair do you currently use? Are you happy with them? Why do you like...
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    iTunes replacement please

    Super thanks! I've seen that Foobar2000 recommend elsewhere- I think I'll try it. Thanks Again
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    iTunes replacement please

    brixtonboy, Thanks for the reply.
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    iTunes replacement please

    Ok fellow  users, I've absolutely had it with iTunes on my PC! Trying to sinc to my iPhones, iPad, import CDs- just too much headache for what's it's worth! What do you friends use as an iTunes replacement, as a music management system And player on your iPhones? Much Thanks in advance
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    Otterbox iPhone 6 Case Giveaway!

    oh exactly what I've had on my Iphone 5 for a couple years now. Black Defender with a black phone
  6. JusSayan is Having an iPhone 6 Accessories from Amazon Contest!

    Ooohhh Yyyyeeeeaaahhhhh! The second my contract comes up (the end of the year)- Absolutely can't wait!!!! Ps. I Love the new format!
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    Shuffle iTunes Radio Stations?

    Is there a way to mix more than one radio station(s) together to listen to on iTunes Radio? ex. Jeff Lorber radio AND Moody Blues radio
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    Has this happened to you?

    That's I'm afraid gonna be my best bet- Thanks for the replies !
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    How Many people are using SIRI on Daily Basis

    Use Siri every single day! I happen to have a job that allows me to be connected to the Apple EarPods all day- So I answer the phone, make appointments, answer text messages, calendar events, etc all while listening to music. Absolutely the greatest invention known to man!
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    Siri with incoming calls

    When listening to music on Apple ear pods/ iPhone 5/ how can I get Siri to identify incoming calls? In other words- must I have to answer the calls to find out who is calling? Have I just missed some setting- seems to be a simple thing to do Thanks for any help.
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    Has this happened to you?

    Yea tried that, a couple of times infact- Hoping I don't have to do a full restore... Thanks for the reply- any other ideas???
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    Has this happened to you?

    iPhone 5 iOS 7 Some of my contacts in messaging show up as their phone numbers only instead of their names. I say only some of them- I've done the cross identifier where it sends you over to their 'contact' to assign their phone number to a specific contact- still will only pull them up on my...
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    Great Big Howdy and Thank You!

    Just a quick note to say Howdy to everybody! And Thanks a Bunch! I've been an avid reader of the forum for a couple of years and super learned a lot!!! Just decided to jump into the water and actually register - looking forward to much back and forth! Thanks again! Ours the story shall we...