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    Hello World

    Yeah, I'm sure that I will be posting promo codes :-) Any kind of review would be very helpful!
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    Hello World

    Thanks a lot Gaz and Dayton! I believe that you cannot review an app on the app store if you use a promo code, so it wouldn't be all that helpful for me to give out promo codes when no one would end up being able to review ;-) I'm excited about the forum and I have no problem with a lack...
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    Demotivational Poster Creator

    I'm promoting my newest app which is called Demotivated. It is a Demotivational Poster creator which lets you take pictures or use pictures from your library and make demotivational posters with them. Demotivated has full Facebook and Twitter integration, and it also lets you post to the...
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    Hello World

    Thanks for the welcome! I have a quick question that may be something that isn't allowed, or maybe it's completely fine. If there is a problem with it then please just let me know and I'll delete this section of the message: I was wondering if there is a thread or a group of people who review...
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    [iPhone App] Psycho Booth

    Psycho Booth is an iPhone/iTouch4thGen/iPad2 app that lets you take pictures of friends and family and combine them to create a psycho. There is a Lite (Free) and a Paid version available. Links to iTunes: Paid Version: Psycho Booth Lite Version: Psycho Booth Lite App Store Screens:
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    New verizon iphone girl!

    Welcome! Glad to hear that you are liking your new iPhone!
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    Welcome :-) I am new here as well! Are you new to the iPhone or just to the iPhone4?
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    Hello World

    Hi there, As my username suggests, I am John Holtkamp. I've been learning to develop and developing apps for about 8 months now. I'm a little embarrassed that I haven't already gone out seeking forums to learn from pro's and get tips, but the performance of my most recent app taught me that I...