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    Can help suggest which theme are coolest, elegant, good looking, elite looking type

    i think the glasklart theme looks the best but thats my opinion.
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    Need Help Looking for an alternative.

    you could get a legal alternative siri if you add sources in cydia (sara) but im afraid that's the only way :(
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    Upgrade problems

    all you need to do is a full computer backup and try and sync with your itunes library. if you dont have your songs there is software that will allow you to get songs to itunes library :) hope this helps. do u still have your 3GS??
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    CDMA iPhone 4 refuses to jailbreak on 6.1.3 even after following guide to a T

    are you sure you have the cdma version? if so make sure you try to download the correct ipsw file... i was stuck on the "waiting for reboot" screen until i downloaded the right firmware... download the firmware that says... and also make sure you are using a 6.0 firmware not 6.1.3 Joel...
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    iCloud-erase iPhone

    Hey exon, i don't think there is another way to check that the iphone has been erased. does it say that it has been erased?
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    Hey there Im New!

    Thanks Man :)
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    How to Jailbreak IOS 6.1.3 (Semi-Untethered)

    Hey guys, i have learnt how to jailbreak IOS 6.1.3.... What You Need... 1. Connect Iphone and open redsn0w 0.9.15b3 2. Click On "Extras" 3. Click On "Select...
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    iCloud-erase iPhone

    The bubble on the icloud is normally green (meaning that it's online) but when it goes grey it means that it has been wiped and you will need activation to start the stolen phone again :) any questions just PM me.
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    Hey there Im New!

    Hey guys im new to these forums, im a professional jailbreaker from Australia and its one of the things i do for a living. I have always loved jailbreaking and i can spread my knowlege with the rest of the community. Joel3219