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    Iphone 4 fail jailbreak

    No, the act of jailbreaking does not cause hardware issues
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    Lockscreen notifications not displaying on top of HTML lockscreen?

    Solved my own problem again: uninstalled the LockHTML2 version and installed the Winterboard version from DeviantArt and now it works fine, weird.
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    Lockscreen notifications not displaying on top of HTML lockscreen?

    I'm using LS Air for my lockscreen and my notifications are not displaying. I know this was an issue with Winterboard a while back, but I thought it had been resolved. Any ideas?
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    My seetings menu is gone

    To me it sounds like they are still on 6.0 and just asking if they can re-restore 6.0 using iFaith. The answer is yes, if you dump your 6.0 blobs and create a pre-stitched firmware using iFaith you can restore 6.0. You could also try using iLEX RAT or Semi-Restore.
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    TetherMe hotspot not showing up

    Well, I figured it out. SemiRestore removed network-cmds which is a dependency for TetherMe, installed it and it's working again.
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    TetherMe hotspot not showing up

    Hey everyone! Sorry I've been absent for a while. Been a pretty crazy few months for me, just graduated school and just got back from some awesome vacations! Anyway, I recently restored my iPhone5 using SemiRestore and ever since my TetherMe hotspots have not been working. I can enable the...
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    How Do I Control my iPhone 4S desktop from my Win.7 PC "through my iPhones USB cable?

    iTools is just a file manager, you are not going to be able to actually remotely control your phone unless you're jailbroken
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    Tethering Question

    If you have unlimited data your tethering should be unlimited as well(mine is). If you want to save yourself $30/month and your iPhone is on a jailbreakable firmware you could install TetherMe and tether for free
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    Google icon?

    Thanks, let me know I'd you figure it out, I've tried eveything!
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    Animated weather lock screen iPhone 5

    I'm using "LS Perfection" love it
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    Any idea why my clock is out by 1 hour!?

    Use automatic settings and then just change the timezone to one that is in sync with your own even if it shouldn't be
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    Android inspired Jelly lock Tweak

    Can't seem to get it to install through the MMi repo. If I try to uninstall the 3rd party source version it automatically tries to install it at the same time and then there is an error because the process is already running. *edit* uninstalled through safemode and got it working, thanks!
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    Cydia on android

    Jailbreaking is essentially the same thing as rooting, "jailbreaking" is just the term used in the iOS and Playstation world for gaining root access to the filesystem(I'm assuming because GeoHot was the first to jailbreak both iOS and PS3 so he decided to call it jailbreaking). It is true that...
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    Cydia on android

    Seems pointless to me. Jailbreaking has existed on Android devices since 2008 and there are already equivalents for most iPhone jailbreak tweaks available for Android devices. Maybe Saurik is preparing for the downfall of the iPhone?
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    iPhone stuck in loop - Help?

    You have to continue holding the volume up button throughout the booting process, don't hold the power button