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    Hello am I missing something ? If I understand iCloud, then the Notes in my iPad should be the same as the Notes on my iPhone... iPhone is brand new, it looks like iCloud is set up correctly on both machines Apologies if this is discussed elsewhere, I could not find with Search Thanks
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    Deleted messages

    If I read an email on the 4S and delete it, it also deletes it in Outlook on my desktop. I prefer not to do that Can I modify something in Settings to accomplish this ? Thanks for your help
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    Mail question

    In my Blackberry, when I was in my office and Outlook is open, it does not send messages to the Blackberry, only when my computer at work is shut down This does not appear to be the case with the iPhone Mail, as I am getting all email in both Outlook and the phone I get around 80 emails a day...
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    Recording conversations

    Hello One of the big reasons I am switching from Blackberry is (I understand) a very good App that allows me to record a conversation and then have a transcribed summary sent to me via email I have done searches and the best I have come up with is Dragon Dictation Would appreciate advice - this...
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    New member

    Hello I am in Toronto, Canada and look forward to learning and hopefully contributing some day I will transition to an iPhone in February from Blackberry as that is when my contract expires, but I want to prepare myself as this is a business tool and I want to be sure I retain the fucntionality...