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    Playing iPhone 5 through car speakers

    Do u have Bluetooth? I just have to turn pandora or Iheart on on my phone and select Bluetooth as my music source in my Camry and I get music from my iPhone through car speakers
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    Switch from att to verizon for IP5?

    Well I went to te mall to both AT&T and Verizon to look at iPhone 5's to try to figure out what color I want. After seeing how scratched the black was I am def getting white. But one thing I noticed was the Verizon iPhone was showing 3G. Walked across the mall and the AT&T one was showing 4g. I...
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    Switch from att to verizon for IP5?

    Your what billing? I actually have been with AT&T since before Cingular. My kids were just playing with an old phone of mine that said AT&T on it from a long time ago before they switched to Cingular. Unless I'm not aware they were Cingular before being AT&T? But what do u mean by your...
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    Switch from att to verizon for IP5?

    I have never talked on the phone and surfed on my 4.. I really don't talk on the phone in general. I dot think I will miss that feature. I think I am decided on goin to Verizon. Just makes sense to have the faster network for the faster phone.. Thanks or the input!
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    Switch from att to verizon for IP5?

    Forgot to include my current pricing in first post. Right now on AT&T we have the family plan with 550 min w/ rollover(over 3000 rollover mins accumulated),200 texts per phone, and 200mb data per iPhone. 2 iPhones on plan. Total cost with fees with a 15% work discount is $105.. I definitely...
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    Switch from att to verizon for IP5?

    I have been on AT&T since the Cingular days.. Never had a problem with signal, dropped calls etc.. Been happy with AT&T. Now looking at the coverage maps where I'm located/where my hometown is(moving back eventually) AT&T doesn't even have 4g let alone LTE.. Now looking at Verizon's maps and...
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    Purple haze on pics

    So it's not really a big enough issue to avoid the 5 for then? Musta been some apple haters writing about it lol
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    Purple haze on pics

    Hello. I plan on buying the 5 in a couple weeks and heard of the purple haze problem on photos with bright light shining on edge of pics. I saw headlines on this but then don't see much about it on the two iPhone forums I follow. So is this not as big of problem as it was made out to be? How...
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    iPhone 5 "scuff gate"

    Can't dirt get between the soft surface and phone and still cause scratching? That's one of my beefs with putting my phone in a case. My 4 had a couple cases until I gave up on using then and the only scratches on the phone are from the cases I had(with a soft surface touching the phone).
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    iPhone 5 "scuff gate"

    I understand why people use cases but I also don't understand why people use cases. It's good your phone is perfect when you go to sell it but wouldn't your rather enjoy the actual phone when you have it? Instead of a "bulky" case? I don't case my iPhones. Tried it with my current 4 and hated...
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    Iphone4 sound problem

    Had this happen to me this past summer. Sous wouldn't work unless headphones were in. And when I turned the volume up and down it said headphones even know they werent in. Mine was caused by a slight splash of water from my kids playing. When it got splashed i saw a little water in the...
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    Facebook App won't upload pics.

    Same here
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    iphone 4 iOS 4.2 battery life

    Won't turning off find my iPhone defeat the purpose of the app? Doesnt it have to be on to be able to find your iPhone?
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    iOS 4.2 delayed? to the iphone so i wasn't sure...
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    iOS 4.2 delayed?

    what is this update supposed to do? new features? or what?