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    Hi-Res Retina Icons When Updating Apps, But Switch To Low-Res Afterwards?

    Dude I do not have an answer to your question...however I love the color bars wallpaper
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    Apple Docks

    Let us know If it works as advertised
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    Unfortunately.... Cracked Screen

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    Component AV cable output hi-def videos?

    Component can actually handle video up to 1080i. Audio is separate. The hdmi format is an uncompressed hd transmission cable with "embedded" audio. The iPhone doesn't support hmdi as the pin out on the dock connector has video and audio separated and I am guessing not in the proper audio...
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    Tracking a iPhone

    I thought mobile me was $99 a year??
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    New from Ohio

    Welcome from Ohio
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    Iphone case program ready

    I am not sure what is dishonest about apple offering the option to make good on something they feel they should.
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    FAQ "How do i save Battery life"

    Another note to mention. Would be apps running in the background use battery.
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    im new :-)

    You'll love it. Welcome.
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    new from NC

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    iPhone 4 Forums using Tapatalk

    I use tapatalk 95 percent of the time to view the forum
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    Why the switch? Welcome!