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    Naked iPhone

    I am prefer naked phone and only using iPhone Wallet when I put my iPhone on my pants
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    HOw to Install it?
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    Does there are some Tweak to display Battery Percentage like this?

    Does out there any tweak, app or something that we can use to Enable Battery Percentage when Charger has been plug in. But when charger has been pull of. This Battery Percentage on the task bar will be disappear? Any possible to do that?
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    I am interesting with Galaxy Wonder Font... Any clue what font is it?
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    BiteSMS vs SMS+

    biteSMS is awesome app
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    How To Enable 3G Only Network Data?

    It's because if we ENABLE 3G and EDGE in the some times. In same area 3G data very weak so our iPhone 4 keep searching network and this is didn’t good for battery live. So I prefer only 3G and if there are no 3G it's better OFF
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    IS it my iphone blocked? please help

    Try to TURN OFF your Phone for a while and TURN ON it again.. if you still got a problem try to Remove All Cydia App..
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    How to lock your applications and messaged

    Awesome ... we purchase it...
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    How To Enable 3G Only Network Data?

    How about Disable EDGE and Enable 3G only?
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    Apple Announces iPhone 4S Will Launch on January 13 in China

    Why Indonesia not listed yet... iSad
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    How To Enable 3G Only Network Data?

    There are no menu on SBSettings to Switch Of The Edge. The menu is Switch Off 3G and Switch Off Data. Any clue about it? That I mean keep Data On but on 3G Only network..
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    Crashes after jailbreak

    Activator make your iPhone Problem?
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    How To Enable 3G Only Network Data?

    @bab2010 I was JB my iDevice.. Any Clue about it?