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    Little hlp/info with REactivation?

    Hi all. Need a little help if you would. Short story, have iphone 4 (at&t). Got a new phone took out my SIM and put it in. Took the iphone 4 and let my daughter use it as ipod touch. When I redid the iphone 4 for her and jailbroke it again i did it on her computer so she has al her apps...
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    AT&T Throttle update

    I agree. they better throttle my bill then because im not getting what I am paying for.
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    AT&T Throttle update

    Not sure if anyone saw this or posted it yet AT&T announces throttling changes, now kicks in at 3GB or 5GB for LTE -- Engadget
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    New Canalys Report Indicates iOS Apps Actually Cheaper to Buy than Android Apps

    All I can say is most of the apps I paid for in ios were free on Android.
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    'MissionControl' - SMS, Cydia, Facebook, Twitter, Respring, Mail & More!

    As long as you have Activator, go into your settings and you should see activator. From there you have the option of when and how to set it. For example, you can select "from anywhere" then you can select the activation method like...swipe top bar...and then you can select what action you...
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    iphone 4 color swap questions

    Its actually not bad to do it yourself. Just have to take your time. The one thing to watch is the screws. Most of the screws are different so they have to go back where they came from. There's actually a screw sheet you can print out that you can use. Other then that its not bad. First...
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    iphone 4 color swap questions

    Are you talking about a full conversion? I did mine myself so cant speak about any of the services. Didn't like the idea of sending my phone out. I have read in the past many bad reviews about zeetron. Maybe they have changed. There shouldn't be any issues after the conversion though. If...
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    Who didn't update to iOS 5? Am I alone?

    Wow, thought I was the only one still on 4.2.1!
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    iPhone carmea full of dust particles.

    Not sure what your asking...if anything
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    iPhone carmea full of dust particles.

    All you have to do is remove the bottom 2 screws and slide the back cover up. It comes right off. Then just clean the lens and the inside of the back cover.
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    replaced screen now its black

    Hard to say but maybe damaged the ribbon connector. They are very fragile and need to be put in correctly and pulled all the way through otherwise when you close the phone up it will pinch. Did you inspect it when you took it apart again? Was the phone still functional with cracked screen...
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    Iphone 4 wont switch on after new battery

    ^^ Huh? two when you replaced the battery did you make sure you put the battery connector bracket on correctly? Also, if you know someone else with the iphone, put their battery in yours and see. Maybe the battery you bought is no good.
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    Clear Coat, BodyGuardz or Zagg InvisibleShield screen protector ?

    For a long time I used Zagg. It has a bit of "gripy" texture but i like that. You have to watch what case you use with it. Lifetime warranty which is great. You send them like $3 and they send you a new one. You just have to send the old one back. After Zagg I used, and still sometimes do...
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    cydia question

    Ohhhh I got ya. I think i read his first post wrong. Should have my glasses on lol. Thanks