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    To cover or not to cover?

    I use a Spigen glass front and bumper and then a leather pouch thing, along with a Zagg back skin. Protection all around yet kind of naked. I did this for my 5 and 5s and loved it.
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    Am I getting screwed?

    Mine didn't show a date either when I kept checking. All of a sudden there was just a tracking number one night and the next morning I received an email with the tracking number also. I ordered mine about 2:45am on the 12th, that's how long it took even though I was on at 2am.
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    Has anyone's iPhone 6 plus bend yet?

    we have 2 iPhone 6+ in the family, one since launch date that travels a lot for work and in a pocket a lot, the other I've had for about 3 days and it's in my back pocket a lot even when I'm out doing horse chores every night and neither phones have bent. I think this is a minor thing, all...
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    Am I getting screwed?

    I didn't order ATT, but my pre-order with Verizon was bumped up almost 2 weeks. Was supposed to be delivered Oct 7 and I got it yesterday. Sorry, hope they speed things up for the ATT peeps.
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    Question about pre-ordering

    My phone shows a tracking number and estimated delivery of this wed, way before their estimated oct 7 delivery date!
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    Question about pre-ordering

    When I pre-ordered my 6+/128 on the verizon site, it said Oct 7th delivery. I received an email last night that my payment was processed and my order has been completed but tracking isn't available yet, sorry for the delay ... I'm hoping this means it's shipping out sooner than expected! My...
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    Best iPhone 6 Tempered Glass Screen Protector

    I've always used the Spigen glass protectors, all 3 iPhones in my house have had them on for the past couple years. They feel great, like nothing is on the screen at all and protects your screen nicely. I did purchase the Zagg glass screen only because it will ship this week and the Spigen...
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    Buying on release day

    When the 5 was launched my son wanted to go to the verizon store (we don't have an apple store) since he travels and wouldn't be available for the delivery. We got to the verizon store at 1am and there was only 1 person there. I preordered on verizon for my plus, couldn't get on to apple, and...
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    Screen protector?

    I've used the Spigen glass protector for the last couple years and love them, my daughter and son also used them and I would never use anything but the glass protectors now. I see Zagg has glass protectors but I think Spigen has a slimmer one than Zagg. Unfortunately Zagg is ready to release...
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    The official iPhone 6 Plus Case Thread

    I love Spigen products! I can't tell you how many glass screen protectors I've gone through over the years. Also have a couple of their cases and use their bumper on my 5s. Looks their glass protector isn't going to be in until Oct 30th, hard to wait that long so I purchased the Zagg glass...
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    The official iPhone 6 Plus Case Thread

    I have ordered my iPhone 6Plus Spinn case from SFBags (WaterField Designs) and am pretty excited for it, don't like that the wait time is Oct 10th, but my phone won't be here until roughly Oct 7th anyways. I have used their products in the past: tote bag, 2 other iphone cases, macbook sleeve...
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    Question about pre-ordering

    I was trying both Apple and Verizon at 2:10am - apple was down "we are updating our site" and verizon was slow. I finally got my order to go through on verizon around 2:45am with no errors and the expected delivery was 10/07 ... grrrrr. The case I want from SFBags won't ship until 10/10 so I...
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    What cases did you get for you iphone 5s

    I did end up getting the Portenzo Alano Slim for my iPhone 5S and really like it. I like nice leather products and this is great quality. The elastic band has gotten in the way of taking pics a few times but I just got into the habit of looping it over the top corner of the case when I undo the...
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    Front and back screen protector

    I use the Spigen Nano slim Glas.tR. It's a glass screen that feels amazing and isn't intrusive at all, it also comes with a back protector. I've put this on my last 2 years of iPhones along with my daughters and have never thought of looking elsewhere. I used to use Zagg but after trying Spigen...
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    What cases did you get for you iphone 5s

    I also went the Spigen route with a Tough Armor and Glas.Tr, but I've used their products for the last couple iPhones I've had along with my son and daughters iPhones. My son uses one of Spigens leather wallet cases and he loves it, he is pretty picky and changes cases a lot trying to find...