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    Iphone 4 touch screen acting weird

    It's definitely a faulty digitizer. It's likely that the previous owner had the screen replaced with a poor quality part, which is why it's now developed a fault. You have two options - replace it yourself using an eBay part (but watch out for poor quality parts), or send it in to an iPhone...
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    iPhone 4 shkaing screen horizontel color lines on screen

    As an iPhone repairer myself, I can safely say that a shoddy LCD has been used in the repair of your iPhone. I'd advise taking back to where you got it repaired and they will be able to replace it again with a working unit.
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    Camera problem, black screen

    If you've tried all the resets/restores and it still doesn't work, then you definitely have a faulty camera module. These can be replaced by searching for iPhone repair specialists.
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    WiFi not detected

    If you have a 4S then it's under a year old - so it's still covered by Apple's warranty. Give them a call or take it into an Apple store and they will provide a replacement.
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    Replacement screen.

    It sounds like you have a faulty digitizer (part of the glass screen). It needs replacing again, and it may be worth using a third party iPhone screen service.
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    Broken screen

    There are loads of companies offering iPhone screen repair services. A quick Google search will reveal them - and they're usually about half the price of Apple!
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    Broken Screen On IPhone 4

    There are plenty of companies offering iPhone screen repair services. Often for as little as half the price of Apple! Hope this helps!
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    Iphone 4 LCD screen Replacement

    This can be one of two things... 1. It could be a faulty earpiece speaker. There are companies offering iPhone earpiece speaker repair services. 2. It could be the common fault where the iPhone thinks there are headphones plugged into the socket. Try clearing out the headphone jack, or if that...
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    White iPhone 4 having a screen has a yellow tint ?

    If you're still experiencing the problem, it may be worth using a third party iPhone LCD display repair service (if Apple won't help first). Hope this helps!
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    Smashed screen!

    Your best bet is to use a third party repairer, who can offer an iPhone screen repair for as little as half the price as Apple. Hope this helps!
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    Screen problem

    This could either be a hardware or software issue. If resetting doesn't work, some companies offer an iPhone LCD display repair service. Hope this helps!