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    My lovely pink iphone4 case review(first time^^;;)

    My friend got this from Rearthusa company. The case is called Ringke!!! I also am interested in other colors. If you get it, just share your case review or pics with us!!!!!!^^ And thanks for wishing me good luck!!! you too^^
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    Yes another "WHICH CASE SHOULD I GET?" thread

    Yes!!! iPhone4 with Otterbox case looks like a brick to me!!!lol It really is helpful to protect iphone4. but I'm using a silicone case due to the inconvenience that you mentioned and looks like walky-talky^^. I think that silicone case is better than plastic case because the silicone case...
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    My lovely pink iphone4 case review(first time^^;;)

    Thanks!!!! Grammar!!!! lol not Grammer!!!! Got it!!!
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    My lovely pink iphone4 case review(first time^^;;)

    Hello, everyone!!! On september I've joined this forum. I promised everyone that I would visit here everyday and I would share a lot info with members. TT.TT But But But I was really busy because of school stuff!! I'm International studnet in USA. So I had to study more that other...
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    My OtterBox Defender With pics !

    I need that one to protect my lovely iphone4!!! TT.TT but it's too expensive!!!!!! Is there any coupon of otterbox!!!
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    Hello, I just got my lovely iphone4!!!

    So happy!!!! Still I still have some english problems!!! but I want to get good info and share good info with iphone4 users in iphone4forums!!! I love it!!!!