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    Disappointed by the iPhone

    Pat, as someone who has used mobile phones since the Motorola 'brick' and then on thru Nokia's, Samsung, O2 and Moto Q9h I can only say after a month of use that I'm in awe of the iP4. Yes it took a bit of persistence to swap from a dedicated keyboard to touch keys (and I definitely find that...
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    Do you guys forget about apps?

    I find that by organizing apps into appropriately named folders, it is easy and quick to find that app. Here are my three screens that cover 109 apps that might help: 1. 2. 3.
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    How addicted are you with the ip4

    Yeh I agree DannyBoy, I turn mine off at night - but its still running. i.e. "Alarmed" wakes me in the morning! Oh, and my main use of my iP4 is: 1. phone (sms) 2. music (iPod) 3. apps 4. taking photos and video when I don't have my DSLR on hand You will see from my sig that I don't keep pics...
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    Shuffle / No Shuffle ???

    Thanks DannyBoy. I knew there would be a simple answer. But I had to learn that to get the progress bar up, you have to single tap. I had tried double tapping and all other buttons have not seen this before. Amazing how difficult some simple things can be. Maybe this might help others as well or...
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    Shuffle / No Shuffle ???

    OK Here's the thing. I have found that I can't play music in iPod without shuffle mode on. The only place I could find to set shuffle other than the shuffle soft button in Albums was in Settings/iPod to set/unset shake shuffle. Has anyone got a clue here, I certainly don't regards Anton....
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    Where is iphone 4 in OZ?

    I got mine two weeks ago from Telstra after a three week wait.
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    Proximity Sensor question

    Interested to know what percentage of people have the bug. I've used my iP4 for two weeks now and never had this bug. Which raises the question of why it is a selective problem!
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    iP4 Fantastic, iTunes locked - bugger!!!

    As an update - I spent an hour on the phone with Apple support, they have not come across the problem before. They came up with a few suggestions including creating a new user acct and starting a new install there, but this did nothing to solve the problem. I still get directed to the iTunes...
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    No built in GPS function on iPhone4?

    Its worth mentioning that the default GPS map system is, yes free and good, using Google Maps but beware that it is downloading the map data in real time as you travel (and you have to have coverage). In addition to the normal dedicated GPS brand names that have a port for the iPhone, there are...
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    iP4 Fantastic, iTunes locked - bugger!!!

    Has anyone had any issues with trying to clean up there iTunes music? I tried doing it manually and now am locked out. I'll try ringing Apple tomorrow. Here are the details of the Case I logged with Apple Inc. Would be interested to hear if this has happened to anyone. Case ID...
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    iP4 is the best - bar none!!! (and thanks to DannyBoy)

    Thanks DannyBoy, what I needed, but didn't know to unlock my SIM was a 'PUK' code which I had in my database anyway. So I'm back on the 3G airwaves. Now I want to give a detailed review on the iP4 but I'm not quite ready, suffice to say that I continue to be blown away after my first week of...
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    No built in GPS function on iPhone4?

    BTW - I checked this on the Apps Store and got a link to MapChecka, nothing listed for 'Skobbler'....
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    HELP PLEASE. Had iP4 a week - want to give a great report, but 1st!!!

    Yeh thanks DannyBoy, good advice - better than resetting the whole phone. I'll go to the carrier shop 2moro. BTW - absolutely no signal strength problem here in Oz using Telstra. With or without a bumper, and in remote areas as well. cheers....
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    HELP PLEASE. Had iP4 a week - want to give a great report, but 1st!!!

    After a week I thought it was time to give a full shutdown. Which I did but when I rebooted there was a brief prompt about un-locking or locking the SIM. By the time I reached for my glasses - TO LATE!!! Status msg says 'Locked SIM'. I did not have a passcode set so I don't know why it...
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    PCMag iP4 Review - Worth a read

    I have just read this detailed review at PCMag and is worth a read. Apple iPhone 4 (AT&T) Review & Rating |