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    Any Sprint users here?

    Yea I agree I just got off the phone with sprint I was complaining about my internet speed its crazy slow. If im browsing the internet its ok but as soon as i go to watch a youtube video or anything it takes 15 mins to load a 2 min video. Im seriously considering returning my phone tomorrow...
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    Iphone 4s Glitch

    Hey guys I was wondering if it's everyone's phone of just mine. I have the 4s. When I am charging the phone and have it flat on a surface whenever I try and do anything on the phone it goes crazy. If i Pick up the phone and try or remove the charger and just try using it while its on its back it...
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    app that hides text messages

    hey guys new here, just ordered my 4s from sprint getting it on friday coming over from Android. I had an app on my android called Handscent where it would hide text messages from certain people that you could keep blocked and check whenever u want, wondering if there is anything like that here...