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    iPhone stuck on spinning wheel

    i know the exact file you downloaded for siri because i did the same thing and it happened to me. you have to restore your phone from itunes and re jailbreak it. sorry buddy! i went through the same thing.. its a corrupt file. >restore your phone by saving you ssh blobs with ifaith (google the...
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    Need help with iPhone 4 jailbreak SNAFU... Stuck on error codes 10 / 2005

    if you updated to 5.1 you are in fact, screwed. you'll have to wait until they release the jailbreak for it. just be patient and do more research next time. if you are just learning how to jailbreak i doubt you dumped your ssh blobs because that might be the only you could possibly restore it...
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    Who uses icloud?

    icloud backs up all your data like contacts, calendars, email, and pictures over wifi and stores it. its just an alternative to backing it up on your computer and actually comes in handy in certain situations. its free.. you should try it out.
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    Theme Organizer within Winterboard?

    although winterboard can be really confusing for most people esp those who are new to it unfortunately there isn't any app to organize it, yet. it is important that you do keep your active winterboard themes grouped together at the top of the list though. my only recommendation is too delete the...