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    Ringtone help

    I don't understand why it is greyed out. Simply double clicking the .m4r file should add it to your library. Do you have the latest version of iTunes...?
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    Settings > General > Keyboard > International Keyboards > Add new Keyboard > Emoji...
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    Seriously Upset

    You should be restoring it before you go... ;)
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    Seriously Upset

    You would be better taking it to apple and have them look at it. Explain what you have told us (it was working fine after the drop but not now). Apple are very understanding with these kind of things so you might be surprised...
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    2 newbie questions please...

    Backing up is exactly the same as before. iTunes won't back up any jailbreak info whatsoever...
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    3GS- restore - downgrade - uprade

    So you managed to update it previously without creating a custom firmware...?
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    3GS- restore - downgrade - uprade

    Did you buy it used then...?
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    3GS- restore - downgrade - uprade

    Have you ever unlocked your 3GS using the iPad baseband...?
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    There are certain websites out there that can be found using google for this reason. DO NOT post personal information in the open forums. Doing so is against our rules. You have all been warned...
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    Worth it? Ipod version 4

    If you don't have an iPhone then yes, its well worth the money. If your budget allows it then I would suggest an iPad over one..
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    3GS- restore - downgrade - uprade

    Try reinstalling iTunes. If that fails create a new user account on your computer and install itunes on that account...
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    Iphone 4s factory unlocked jailbreak?

    No matter what happens you will never loose your unlock if you bought it from apple...
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    unlocking without jailbreak

    Very lucky and very grateful...
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    Text tone double or repeats

    Jailbreaking itself wont. Certain tweaks may cause bugs, specifically if you have two installed that 'clash' with each other...
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    Is siri down?

    Seems like you a have a problem. I haven't heard anyone else complaining Siri is down. If she were I would expect it to be all over the forums/apple news. I would suggest trying a restore (set up as new phone) and check Siri. If all is well then restore from your back up and check again...