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    When did you order your ip4? Where did you order? When did you receive it? Go there and search by whichever parameters that you are able to fill in.
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    Legal jailbreaking and unlocking of iphone...

    Legal jailbreaking and unlocking, what do you all think about it??! I sort of agree with the writing of the enclosed article, I doubt it really matters much. But I guess now devs and the people that will try to charge for jailbreak/unlock service, can do so without fear of doing something...
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    Free iPhone Tethering Hidden In A Flashlight App

    redboy that is a great idea in theory. I hope it works.
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    Everything a Rookie should know about Iphones\Iphone4

    My blackberry storm was having problems too, I just had it replaced (for the second time) when I preordered the iphone 4. That way I can sell it on craigslist as basically new when the iphone comes in. I liked the blackberry, but it was just time to move on from the outdated device!
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    Hello from up north!

    Magrat22, I'm getting rid of it because of the limited amount of apps that I could put on it. The BB app world already kind of sucks, but then I only had 128 mb or memory for apps. I don't even have my iphone yet, (still backordered) but I already have about 1GB of apps thats I've downloaded...
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    Call recorder?

    And that is built into the iphone? If so thats pretty cool. I would have never guessed to try it.
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    Sent Mail Sound

    Dannyboy is that on all iphones? or just a rare scenario? Once I get mine when I have a meeting should I restart it after making the volume changes?
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    When do AT&T stores get more iPhones?

    rumor of course..... Rumor: Apple to clear out iPhone 4 and iPad waiting lists this weekend
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    Free iPhone Tethering Hidden In A Flashlight App

    I was extra pissed to find out that it was gone before I tried to get it. I saw it on engadget, but I had to set up an Itunes account first. By then it was gone! Good stuff for everyone who got it though!
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    Hello from up north!

    haha...nice! I'm not much of a smoker but I will be taking quite a few coronas to the head as I break in my iphone. I am hoping that it ships in the next few days. I am coming from a blackberry too. I hope its worth it! Well I'm not Canadian, but I thought I'd stop thru to show some...
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    a few dissapointing things

    Not at all, this phone isn't perfect for everyone. Every other day my best friend tries to tell me how the EVO is better. But while it is definitely a great phone with great options, the number of pros on the iphone were higher for my personal usage of a handset. In using the phrase "Apple...
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    When did you order your ip4? Where did you order? When did you receive it?

    Since we ordered on the same date, I'm hoping that ours ship tomorrow. Mine is still currently showing as backordered!
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    What Phone are you upgrading from?

    I am coming from the Blackberry Storm. It was a pretty good device and I love Verizons service. I had a few problems with the blackberry, but each time I went to the verizon store I was in and out within 15 minutes with a new phone in hand. I just hated that it only had 128mb of app memory...
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    Insane Video Made About Apple And The iPhone 4

    I watched this last night and had a good laugh when the customer clearly complained about the signal issue and got his ring and pinky finger cut off. Who comes up with this stuff? I couldn't understand the language, but the creator does a good job of telling the story sims style.
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    Tracking a iPhone

    Yea I know. I mean, I won't leave it out if no one else is at my table. But you know theives, try to make distractions and anything else to get whats yours!!! And with all the reports of the glass breaking so easily, I'd be scared to keep it in my pocket. But the type of program that you...