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    Have you Jailbroken and Unlocked 4.1??

    Any idea when or if it will be?
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    FaceTime alternatives?

    Hello! I'd like to compile a list of the various apps on the iPhone that allow video chat besides FaceTime. Fring had video chat capabilities with skype, that is, until they got in a little tiff. iChatr was that "Chat Roulette" program that hooked you up with a random person. It was...
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    Tethering on an iphone

    The only way you could have tethered your iPhone without jailbreaking it is to have been fortunate enough to get the "handy light" app before it was pulled shortly after it was released. Funny, I took a couple screen shots of the "handy light" icon in the iPhone app store as it was briefly at...
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    Have you Jailbroken and Unlocked 4.1??

    Has this been released for the mac yet?
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    *something* is consuming lots of power. Which cydia apps are power hogs?

    I got rid of most of the apps, including: Activator AddCallHistory Anonymous Email Cyntact FakeLocation Five Icon Dock Frash iForum X NES 3 PDANet (OFF) I noticed that Activator, fake carrier, cyntact, and frash took up a lot of power Homer
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    *something* is consuming lots of power. Which cydia apps are power hogs?

    I jailbroke my iPhone 4 about a week ago, and I've been experimenting around with all the fun cydia and rock apps. Battery consumption wasn't much of an issue, given the extra battery capacity on the iPhone 4. On my iPhone 3G, I found lots of apps that really ran down the battery. But I...
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    How to Install Flash on iPhone 4

    I installed Frash using the three-step method, and it works pretty good. It displays flash ads, and I even got it to work on a 100% flash site for a nightclub. However, it doesn't work very good with embedded youtube videos. Better than nothing. Plus, the novelty value of flash on an...
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    What is a really good GPS App for the iPhone 4?

    I've tried waze a few times. I've been disappointed with it every time. The first time I got it, I guess only an Israeli version was available and the only language was in Hebrew. When the English version came available, and it was suggested on this forum, I figured I'd give it another...
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    Custom Back Plate Replacements?

    Oh yeah? What are you making? Let me know! Is it going to be like that $3000 African Wood custom back plate? ha Homer
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    Belkin Car Charger will not fit with Apple Bumper

    Just got my free bumper in the mail from Apple. Thanks. Fits like a glove, except it's a little loose and slides around a bit. Just tried to plug in my phone to my car charger to listen to some lex and terry on the way home from work. The plug is too big to fit the opening in the bumper, so...
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    Handy Light App - Who got it?

    I can send you the actual .ipa file for the handy light app, but you'll have to crack it or figure out how to get it to work on your phone. Let me know.
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    What the iPhone lacks that makes you want to jailbreak?

    Yes. FaceTime over 3G. That makes me start to think. Even though apple has done a good job giving us features that would have required a jailbreak in the past, they have also teased more features that could be even better with a jailbreak... such as FaceTime over 3G, or other types of video...
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    What the iPhone lacks that makes you want to jailbreak?

    True, I almost forgot that we had to jailbreak just to get something as simple as a background image. Hah. The NES emulators are the coolest thing since sliced bread. The Game Boy emulators are cool too. Oh, there is one other thing that's still very useful when jailbreaking, and that's...
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    What the iPhone lacks that makes you want to jailbreak?

    Handy Light is an app that was released in the Apple app store about a week or so ago. It was a basic app that let you choose from a pallette of 5 "designer" colors. But it had a hidden Easter egg that secretly enabled tethering. Once the secret got out, apple yanked it from the store, but it...
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    What the iPhone lacks that makes you want to jailbreak?

    I liked "veency". It was an app that emulated the iPhone screen in real time on your computer via 3G or wifi on a program called "Chicken of the VNC". You could also use "insomniac" on your phone, which kept the iPhone's radios active even when the screen was off, so you could keep the phone...