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    iPhone 4 Case Review Thread

    I got the KarasKustoms machined iPhone4 case and I love it. People are always complimenting me on it and it really does look great! It doesn't add too much bulk and doesn't cover the aerial so no signal issues either :D
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    Yea it's about time!! :p
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    Finally after many months of waving his iPhone4 in my face and making my poor 3GS feel inferior, the hubby bought me an iPhone4 for my birthday :D Been a member for a while but figured I should probably introduce myself... Hayley, NW-England Most used apps: whatsapp messenger & Skype...
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    most respected reviewer

    Dannyboy does good reviews. Grafix Expressions (them ppl that make vinyl skins) liked em too :o
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    Is there a Windows Media Player compatible app?

    Is it an internet radio station that the races are broadcast from? If so, try Livio Radio. There is a lite version that's free but if the station is one of the more obscure ones you may need to upgrade to the full version.
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    easy way to transfer all nokia phone numbers to iPhone

    I don't know about other countries but here in the UK if you are an O2 customer you can subscribe to bluebook for free. I uploaded all of my contacts from my old phone and exported tham as an excel doc, which I then kept for reference (I had a clear out and only entered a select few into my...
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    Hands On Vapor4 Case Review

    AND....of all the days to just so happens to be Dannyboy's Birthday today :p Thanks for taking the time out of hanging with your girlfriend to make the review video :D teehee On a serious note's pretty cool!!
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    Apple pulled Camera+

    grrrr :(
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    Use volume button to take photos

    after not being able to find the app on the app store I asked Dannyboy to send me a link...turns out the app has been pulled :(
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    New member

    Welcome! Fellow Brit here :D
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    Hello everyone

    Welcome from the uk :D
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    Just got my IPhone...

    Hi there! You could turn the phone to landscape orientation when typing? The keyboard has a little more space between the letters then. I find that works better when my nails are longer lol plus it's easier to hold and type with both hands when in landscape mode. I disagree with the need to...