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    Folks cannot hear me when I answer my phone??? What's up?

    Hey guys - I have the Otterbox Defender case also and thought this was the issue so I removed it. Still the same issue. Yesterday I called the Apple store, made me an appointment with the Genius... they REPLACED my phone - said it appeared to be a hardware issue (microphone?). I also had...
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    Folks cannot hear me when I answer my phone??? What's up?

    I have a Zagg Shield on the phone that has been there since day 1. (I was one of the crazys standing in line for the new phone...) It was never an issue before. Thanks for your reply! I am usually very careful about the mute button - it also shows up red if it has been muted too - wouldn't I...
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    Folks cannot hear me when I answer my phone??? What's up?

    What's going on with my iPhone4? When it rings and I answer no one can hear me answer back. Does not happen all the time but MOST of the time. Please help. I tried a search but did not find anything. Thanks for any advise. Chiky
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    Hey guys, the orange peel effect to me is looking at your phone screen when the phone is off - everything is black, the zagg film has a little rippley look, like the skin of an orange. I can see it on mine, but it does not bother me. You have to be looking really close to see it. I personally...
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    Creating and Organizing Photo Albums

    Maybe I am not doing something right - but I thought if you have your pictures in folders on your computer first - My Family, My Pets, Motorycycle Trips, My Bike, etc, then when you sync your iPhone/iPad IF you select to sync ALL photos then all of your pictures would display on your device in...
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    new from NC

    Hey... I resemble that remark also... HDChiky! (I ride a softail std)
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    Where do you live?

    Yeah, ya'll are real funny! and yes, there are two Birmingham's one in Alabama, USA and I think the other is in the UK. Just cuz we talk funny down here...just teasin'
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    Where do you live?

    Birmingham, Al here. Have excellent AT&T service at home but NO service sitting at my desk, 500 yards from an AT&T sales office!!! In all fairness, I think it is all these cubicle walls!!! We have all kinds of WiFi here too but it is unavailable to anyone NOT doing office work stuffs!!! (anyone...
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    For those with early arrivals, how's the activation process?

    I got my iP4 this morning around 7:20am, the activation took seconds. When I got home and did the sync, it just took a few minutes. Like Alryja said, the only thing I really had to enter on the phone was wifi, email and voicemail pass codes. I like it so far.
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    Current iPhone Users

    Hey JMan09, sorry I should have added - I preordered the iphone 4 yesterday - along with thousands of others. (I read about the "anyone eligible in 2010 could go ahead and preorder - so I did". Thanks tho' Chiky
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    Current iPhone Users

    I have had my 3G for almost 2 years (eligible for upgrade in August). Looking sooooo forward to this new phone.
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    Has Anyone Been Able To Place An Order For iPhone 4

    Just got my new iphone 4 ordered online from the Apple website. I opted to pick it up at the Apple store (about 5 miles away). I have been using the 3G for the last two years so I am looking forward to the new changes with this phone. Chiky