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    Change clock color on lock screen

    Thanks I did look at that but it's not compatible with 8.4
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    Change clock color on lock screen

    What tweak can change the color on the lock screen clock? I've tried searching it and the ones I found are not compatible with 8.4 Thank you
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    iphone 4s stuck in recovery mode HELP!!!

    I did see a lot of people seem to be having this error the fixes I read said that you need a new battery. Google error 2001 and battery. Maybe that is your problem?
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    Can't hear phone calls

    I must have misunderstood you or vis versa. The hairspray thing didn't happen before it happen just this once this morning. Assumed that since I've noticed hairspray on the screen in the past that it must have also built up in the speaker. So yes it was the problem today and cleaning it fixed it
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    Can't hear phone calls

    Well I have my phone with me when getting ready in the morning. And if i forget to move my phone or turn it over hairspray builds up on the screen. So I'm assuming it also built up in the speaker
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    Can't hear phone calls

    ** Update. Never mind. Even though the speaker looked very clean I took a slightly moistened tooth pick and gently cleaned the speaker. I'm guessing it might have been hairspray in the speaker. It worked after that. today for some reason I can hardly hear the calls I'm making, meaning the...
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    Badgeclearer Not Working 8.4

    I just use ccsettings and clear badges through that.
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    iphone 4s stuck in recovery mode HELP!!!

    Did you try putting it in DFU mode? Plug your device into your computer Turn off the device by holding the Sleep/Wake or Power button and swiping it off Hold the power button for 3 seconds Begin holding the Home button without releasing the Sleep/Power button for 10 seconds Release the...
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    Just tried jailbreaking and I hit a glitch

    I had the no driver found issue. Instead of installing an older version of iTunes I installed the Driver. iTunesDriver64_0205.exe just do a google search for a download. This is for a 64 bit pc
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    iPhone 5s can't silence ringing/text by power button

    Since the 8.1 update I can no longer silence an incoming call or text by hitting the power or volume buttons. Hard reset fixes it for a day or so. I'm now running 8.4 and still have this issue. Anyone else with this issue?
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    Can you theme icons the author didn't theme?

    No need to be rude. There are older Cydia apps like "themeiconmaker" and "icon maker" that do just that, however those apps don't work with the theme I'm working on.
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    Can you theme icons the author didn't theme?

    Does anyone know how to theme icons the author of The theme didn't theme? The author is too busy to take requests right now so I'm trying to find a tutorial on how to do it myself. Thanks for any help
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    Obvious theme??

    ** Solved** If anyone is interested in this theme it's spelled with a "zero" not an "o" 0bvious theme by macciti Should have been 0bvious i just purchased this theme, i found it on the Cydia home page under themes, however when I type obvious in the search bar nothing comes up I thought the...
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    Control Panel Tweak for iOS 8.4 Cydia?

    I just installed SBPOWERALERT works great. Go to settings app and choose an activafion method BigBoss repo