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Oct 1, 2018
    1. Gregoris
      yes they do. log in to the apple website and its all there
    2. qeez
      hello does apple provide a tracking number for my orders?
    3. Gregoris
      ofc = "of course" maybe ill change it to something else lol
    4. qeez
      thanks :) i was wondering what does OFC stands for?
      in your signature "Factory unlocked OFC"
    5. Gregoris
      sorry it takes me a while to reply some times i am eu time gmt +2 but yes it does not take very long, i remember ordering mine i was so worried even after i received confirmation i hated waiting for it lol. but congrats on ordering the iphone :)
    6. qeez
      never mind i just got them YAY I'M VERY HAPPY MAN :)
    7. qeez
      hello again i have just ordered my iphone 4 actually 2 of them but i didn't receive the confirmation email how long will it takes?
    8. Gregoris
      actually i got my dates mixed up, you have 11 days to get the free case, no you cant pay extra its not a matter of the delivery its the fact they dont have any spare iphones, i guess its a waiting list. the iphone normally has 24 hour shipping when the demand is low, but there is a long wait for the iphone 4 it seems.

      i wanted the iphone 4 very quickly also and ordered from the 15th june the first day of pre orders, waiting for the phone was horrible i hated waiting but the days went by so fast.
    9. qeez
      last question i promise :) the free shipping takes about 3 week can i pay extra for express delivery?

      i want the iphone ASAP :D
    10. Gregoris
      ask all the questions you like and if i can answer them i will its ok :)

      i think originally apple said if you buy a case they will refund you but im not 100% sure how this works because i never bought a case, but tomorrow is cut off date so i doubt they will give you one unless you buy it today some time.

      but apple normally take 6-8 weeks to send money either a cheque or a bank transfer, imo it would of been easier to just ask for a case after getting the iphone but it seems to be too late now, unless you order it today or already have ordered it.
    11. qeez
      sorry for asking too many Questions this is the last one i wont ask again
      if i order a case will i get a full refund after using the case program cuz the shipping fee is 30$ i want to make them ship it in one package will this work?
    12. Gregoris
    13. qeez
      thanks ^__^
    14. Gregoris
      well that bit says apartment, suite building. so for there you could put, "Global Logistics Centre" i take it you found a company that will take the delivery and then send it to you? thats pretty sweet i was going to do something like that with an imac. but any way yeah you dont have to put anything there in that space but if you decide to then i would put what i said up there^^
    15. qeez
      hello this is embarrassing but i can't write the shipping address properly can you help me?
      this is the address
      Flight Logistics Group Ltd
      Global Logistics Centre, Horton Road, Colnbrook
      SL3 0DL
      United Kingdom
      Tel: 0870 1430699
      take a look at this pic and tell what dd i filled wrong
      if you can't see it this is the linl:
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