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    Can't update iPhone 4 to iOS 6

    Thank you Ahson!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for your PM and for your post, your solution helped me solve my problem. Solution was to download,1_6.0.1_10A523_Restore.ipsw Turn off windows firewall (otherwise you get error 6) Then upgrade...
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    Can't update iPhone 4 to iOS 6

    Hi willerz2. I feel dumb asking this. What should I google for? I tried 'ios 6 LL/A' and 'LL/A firmware' and no positive results. Can you please help me find the correct IPSW for iOS 6?
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    Can't update iPhone 4 to iOS 6

    @willerz2 HardwareModel: N90AP HardwarePlatform: s5l8930x ModelNumber: MD198 RegionInfo: LL/A BuildVersion: 9B208 This is a USA phone, friends in Miami gave it to my mom as a gift, and she gave it to...
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    Can't update iPhone 4 to iOS 6

    @willerz2 ModelNumber: MD198 RegionInfo: LL/A HardwareModel: N90AP HardwarePlatform: s5l8930x BuildVersion: 9B208 @Ivziggy MTC Russia, that's phone and 3G. My internet connection is via Yota LTE...
  5. gray_mouse is dead?

    Hi willerz2. There used to be, but I got rid of it long ago. Presently there are only these files hosts lmhosts.sam networks protocol services and yes I have checked them all to see references to, none found.
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    Can't update iPhone 4 to iOS 6

    Hi Thomasjtsi & Ivziggy. I have done what you have suggested, prior to this post and just now. The results are as follows: it downloads iOS firmware and then fails with incompatible firmware error message. I have to download firmware manually and upgrade, but then it gives me error 1394...
  7. gray_mouse is dead?

    Ok, but why am I getting iTunes error 1394 whenever I try to upgrade my iPhone 4 to iOS 6? (yes I checked my hosts file and there is no redirect to cydia)
  8. gray_mouse is dead?

    hosts file is clean, no firewall, I even get same same results when pinging from router's diagnostic panel Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601] (c) Корпорация Майкрософ&#1090...
  9. gray_mouse is dead?

    I can't figure out what's going on. First I thought it was a problem on my end but then I went and found online ping tool and appears to be dead. Can anyone confirm?
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    Can't update iPhone 4 to iOS 6

    Well my model on the back of the case is A1332. From about from inside iOS it is MD198LL. So it is iPhone 4 GSM. I've been downloading the correct firmware, and also I believe iTunes would download the correct firmware.
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    Can't update iPhone 4 to iOS 6

    Hi. I've done the update to iOS 6 on my 3GS and it was all fine, then I went ahead and tried updating my factory unlocked iPhone 4 to iOS 6, I don't want a jail break, and basically iTunes does the following: 1. It downloads firmware, then 2. It displays this error "firmware file not...
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    Shrinking Silicone Case

    Once you'd be going through your 2nd otterbox defender you'd boil yours too I guess What really does work when it comes to shrinking silicone?
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    Addicted to apple products.

    I was when I first got my iphone 4 and ipad1. Though it went. Sure iphone 4 is excellent, but samsung epix is more practical - can carry epix with your keys in your pocket and can drop it more than once. Then I got my hands on galaxy tablet, no difference between ipad and it, can do all the...
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    Bad battery life? Perhaps you don't even need a new battery!

    Just recently my battery life was about 8 hours on stand-by. I ordered a new battery from Amazon and tried replacing my old one, well, the phone didn't recognize it so I stuck my old battery back in. What you know, now - on my old battery - battery life is just like it used to be when phone...
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    SHSH Blobs - Frequently Asked Questions

    Thank you! It worked with version 5.10.12!!!!