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    Getting frustrated with Words With Friends

    I was trying to play words with friends but i can't get past this pop up as soon as i open the app that says "Connect to iTunes to Use Push Notifications" I uninstalled and reinstalled it, connected to itunes, got the paid version, and i still can't get past that pop up, every time i hit ok it...
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    will you get the new iphone 5?

    i doubt i get it, hopefully the design doesn't change too much cause I like the iphone's current design. If it goes back to the curved back like it used to be, i'm definitely not getting it, and from what i've been reading it may be thinner than it's current design(but you can't trust rumors)...
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    Please Post GameCenter Friend Request Here

    Gizmo8701 add me, i'll play any game, if i don't have it, i'll get it, i just wanna play and meet new people
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    What was the first thing you dif wheb you got your iphone?

    transfered my itunes library to my phone then jb it, then tweaked it
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    Heyyyy!!! New member!!

    Hey what's up forum, i'm Giz, long time android user(since G1) and apple user(a few ipod classics, ipod nano, and touch 2g nd 3g). Just recently purchased my first iphone(iphone 4s) about 2 months ago and i'm loving it. I'm a dancer, i love gaming(all systems and mobile devices), moding devices...