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    iPhone 3G won't turn on.

    Have you tried running it through iTunes? You may have to wipe the phone and redo your jailbreak.
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    Words with friends sound alert

    Go into settings>notifications>scroll down to Words with Friends and make sure your alerts and sounds are set to "ON" If they are already on then try deleting the app and reinstalling it. (You may lose your games in progress though)
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    Iphone 4 Pic extraction

    Plug it into your computer via usb and a view pictures icon will come up and it should be self explanatory from there.
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    no display on iphone 4 ?

    Yeah Apple will replace this no problem. As long as there are no visible signs of the phone being open or water damage. Simply say it just went black one day and they will give you a new one.
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    iphone 4 durability

    Yeah...they are not indestructible. :) photo(2) by GeniusPhoneRepair, on Flickr
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    Which Games Do You Like On iPhone

    Words With Friends :)
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    HELP!! phone is completely dead

    Yeah Apple should just give you a new phone for free if there isn't any outside damage or if it hasn't been opened or tampered with.
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    Replacement screen.

    It could be two things. The replacement screen you bought could be faulty or the motherboard went bad. Chances are the motherboard got messed up while your friend was installing the new screen.
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    Iphone and a pc?

    Jailbreaking your phone can get you some ringtones or as Crank said there is an app that can make your already songs on your phone into ringers. As far as putting new stuff on itunes will be needed, you can do it with a PC or MAC really doesn't matter.
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    Could This Be What the iPhone 5 Looks Like?

    Looks good, definitely reminds me more of phones like the droid X..huge screens!
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    Broke screeb

    We have done some parts buying through Amazon before, I would just be sure to purchase within the USA. Though most parts if not all parts are made in China anyways dealing with a seller in the USA is way easier.
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    Broke screeb

    I would look on ebay if you are just looking for a screen replacement. Problem is the LCD and the Digitizer(screen) is fused together. When we repair iPhone 4s we usually have to replace the screen and the LCD even if the screen is the only issue.
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    Iphone 4 Repairs?

    I am pretty sure this person resolved their issue since this thread is dated back to the end of 2010 :)
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    Minneapolis Survey Reveals iPhone Retention Rate of 94% Compared to Android’s 47%

    Very interesting, Apple isn't one of the most successful companies in the world for nothing!
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    Yes, what model iPhone do you have?