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    Location Of iPhone 4 4.2 SMS ringtones....

    I found em, there here -----> /System/Library/Audio/UISounds
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    Location Of iPhone 4 4.2 SMS ringtones....

    Anybody know what folder there in so I can add some new SMS tones?
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    iPhone 4 Themes

    "Slanted Lock"
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    iPhone 4 Themes

    I actually forgot what its called but i'ma look for it & give it to you
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    iPhone 4 Themes

    You have to SSH it into your themes folder.....
  6. F for 4.1

    Eat the pois0n apple Lol
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    Age of iphone 4 users here?

    21 turning 22 in 5 months!! :)
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    My iPhone 4 log pics/hacks/themes

    Lol, Alright thanks anyway
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    Cydget for iOS4

    Anybody know if there going to be updating this? I wanna get Element to work for my lockscreen but Cydget keeps crashing every time I try to change the settings.....
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    My iPhone 4 log pics/hacks/themes

    No the characters in your wallpaper are called something but I can't remember what there called, Do you know the name of them?
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    My iPhone 4 log pics/hacks/themes

    What are those things called in your wallpaper?
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    Here's my white iphone 4!

    Where did you buy that from? I wanted a white one but didn't want to wait......
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    iPhone 4 Cracked Glass Cases Almost Double the iPhone 3GS’ (GIZMODO)

    My 2nd iPhone 4 screen didn't shatter, It had a "Hair line crack" right over my front view camera so I took it to apple & they gave me a new one for free......
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    iPhone 4 Themes

    Its called SlantedLock you can find it here -----> SlantedLock [Lockscreen]
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    Cydget and cydialer?