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    I have a plain iPhone 3G (no "S"), and just upgraded it to iOS 5.0.1...

    Nice! Once I get my old 3G running again(needs new LCD) I'm going to try this!
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    Restarting by itself

    Same thing happened to me on my daughter's 3GS when I thought I was putting in a new battery. New battery seems to be faulty, so I replaced it with the original until a replacement arrives. No issues of restarting with the original.:phone:
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    How to downgrade or preserve the firmware of your iPhone

    I deleted the first saved firmware and downloaded the one you provided to me. I am still getting the same error message. I even tried the process without putting the device into DFU...and it is a 3G. I give up. lol
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    How to downgrade or preserve the firmware of your iPhone

    Yes, that is the exact FW I downloaded to my Mac. Does it matter if the phone has to be off before starting DFU? I don't understand why I'm getting that message...
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    How to downgrade or preserve the firmware of your iPhone

    Thanks for responding. I do have all the shsh's saved on his device(4.0,4.0.1,4.0.2,4.1,4.2) He realizes that it may be slower than his currenct FW, but it doesn't matter to him. There are certain apps that he wants on his phone(MLB) that require at least 4.0, but we cannot install because...
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    How to downgrade or preserve the firmware of your iPhone

    Unleashed, I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction. My buddy's 3G(3.1.2) is jailbroken and Shsh's are all backed up. I'm trying to put him on 4.0.1 on my Macbook Air. I've put in DFU correctly, I have the correct firmware saved on my computer(8A306, 4.0.1) and when I go...
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    3G Unrestrictor, Facebreak problem with Verizon iPhone

    Use My3G. It was worked on my brother's verizon iPhone since it was released.
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    Make your iphone 4 faster?

    It does work...and you can adjust the speed.
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    Stupid Facetime slider issue

    You may have to restore your phone to get it working..
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    FACETIME Waiting for Acivation error

    I had to do a restore to get my facetime back...
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    YouTube/video problem after Limera1n jailbreak

    Funny thing is, my problem fixed itself the next day...and hasn't come back since. Interesting. Now, I have the "waiting for activation" bug on facetime...
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    How To Hidden Operator SIGN?

    I use fakecarrier also....really easy to use
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    Facebreak not working any ideas??

    I believe if you are on 4.1, there are not any updates for facetime. That goes for my3g, 3Gunrestrictor, etc
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    YouTube/video problem after Limera1n jailbreak

    The problem is this. When trying to play a video on YouTube or through the iPod, the screen will not rotate to will only remain in portrait. Plus, there is only audio and no video..and the time counter will continue to play. Everything was fine after jailbreak. I did install...