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    Iphone 4 just went Kapoot

    A quick off topic reply to this message and anyone who feels like trying this with a hard drive. Do not put your harddrive in the fridge or freezer if the data on it is of any importance to you I am an experienced data recovery tecnition and have seen major damage caused by people trying this...
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    Impossible to access my iPhone 4, 6.0

    You could try to restore the phone using iTunes and see if you can activate it there if it is locked to a network then you would need a sim from that carrier to activate it.
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    With ios 6 available can one upgrade to ios 5.1.1?

    There is no panorama no Siri. No 3d maps or flyover. I don't think I have missed anything out.
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    Iphone 4 or 4s

    Cos if it is less powerful then it would not overwork the iPhone 4
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    Iphone 4 or 4s

    I ain't saying move to Nokia as windows phone isn't any good. But Nokia prove that the iPhone is capable of it.
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    Iphone 4 or 4s

    It wouldn't overwork the processor. The iPhone 4 is more than capable of running Siri and turn by turn navigation. It is also capable of the 3d maps. Nokia has had turn by turn navigation for years even with phones as powerful as the first iPhone. Also Siri was originally designed for the...
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    Iphone 4 or 4s

    I rest my case.
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    Iphone 4 or 4s

    Maybe I might be missing something then. But what new features does ios6 bring to the iPhone 4 that are worth mentioning
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    Apple Could Sell 200 Million iPhones in 2013

    The apple of old built beautiful computers that were built to last. I have a perfectly working iMac g3. Since then I have had 4 MacBook pros. 2 iMacs and am on my second iPhone 4. All MacBook pros failed with either processor or gpu problems. Both new iMacs now fail to power and my first iPhone...
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    Iphone 4 or 4s

    Get iPhone 4S if you really have to have an iphone. Apple don't care about the iPhone 4 users anymore and are forgetting about the device. Although you could prob get better phones from other manufacturers.
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    Apple Could Sell 200 Million iPhones in 2013

    Don't know why, the quality of apple products have been going down hill fast.
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    Iphone 4s w/ an updated IOS6 issue/s

    Best thing for you to do would be to restore your iPhone using iTunes.
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    unlocked iphone 4 help!!!!

    Sounds like a semi teathered jailbreak to me try downloading redsnow onto your computer and connecting your phone and clicking just boot.
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    Dropped iPhone 4 and this is what I have

    I have some experience with cracked LCD displays and monitors. This does not look to be cracked to me. Most LCD displays when cracked will seem to be leaking a black ink inside the screen and cracks are usually easily seen especially when turned on. I couldnt help diagnose the device further...
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    Dumb Question

    Try in checking the box then click apply or save. Then recheck the box and click apply or save again. It is worth starting there.