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    Black or white?

    I got the white iphone when it came out no case on it and i love it looks very sexy. Its still very clean, the reason why the white 3gs was getting dirty was because it was a white plastic back piece now the ip4 has glass all around making it easier to keep clean.
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    I just passed by the flag ship store in Boston there are about 5 people waiting in line. Hopefully Apple looks at this and brings out the next gen much sooner.
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    White iPhone 4 Finally Arrived! Unboxing Inside!

    I did the whole conversion through these guys but decided not to sell my old parts to them, but they sent me back defected parts. Not good business they prob thought that I wasn't goin to use the parts again. I wouldn't do business with them ever again. Don't let this happen to you guys stay...
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    Nobody can hear me!!!what is happening??

    Hmm Maybe you hit the mute button with your cheek. happened to me.
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    Setting Ringtone Newbie Question

    Yes Download your ringtones on your itunes ringtone folder.
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    New Guy here

    Just want to say hello to everyone, not new to iphones but new to this website it looks good with alot of helpful info.