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    iPhone Unlocking Guide for Beginners

    Does ultrasn0w work for iPhone 3GS on iOS 6.1.3?
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    whatsapp on iphone 3gs

    Go to the App Store and download it, it's free now..
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    Will jailbrake be noticed by user?

    Just download SBsettings and use it to hide cydia.. Otherwise you can remove cydia and still be jailbroken.. Cydia IS the jailbreak..
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    Will jailbrake be noticed by user?

    If there's no cydia then the iPhone is probably not jailbroken.. And if it is actually jailbroken and you can't see the cydia app then the cydia app may be hidden using SBsettings, Poof or any other tweak..
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    That's 2 days for some people :D
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    Cydia on android

    That's what I was thinking :(
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    Cydia on android

    Jailbreaking coming to android devices! What does everyone feel about this?
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    Update+ jailbreak

    What do you think about whited00r?
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    Update+ jailbreak

    What's the latest iOS I can update to in an iPhone 3G??
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    Slightly confused.

    So a friend brought me an iPhone 3GS that is in recovery loop.. Apparently he was jail broken on ios 5.1.1 and tried to update to 6.1.3 OTA. It's a new bottom and is factory unlocked.. Was wondering if I just restored to 6.1.3 would it cause it to be unlocked? (95% sure it wunt but just to be on...
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    SHSH Info

    Had the same experience.. Does this mean that you can save SHSH blobs for a firmware your not on,. ( I know you can't save them of apple have stopped signing the firmware),. For example if I'm on 6.1.2 can I save SHSH blobs for 6.13 as well?
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    So what would be my next step?. Phone was jailbroken on iOS 4.2.1.. You think Cydia would have my blobs saved? Sent from my  iPhone using
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    I updated my iPhone 3GS to iOS 6.1.3.. It's jailbroken tethered but ultrasn0w will not work :/ What could be the problem? Modem firmware- 06.15.00 Sent from my  iPhone using
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    Settings app wont open

    Is it an untethered jailbreak? Sent from my  iPhone using
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    Issues with Zephyr

    Most probably and incompatible tweek..