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    iPhone 5 what would you like to see different?

    I believe the camera in the Iphone 4s is already better than the one in the new Ipad,so I doubt the iphone 5 will have the same camera as the new ipad.
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    Iphone 5 screen size?

    They seem to be popping up all over the place.
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    Iphone 5 screen size?

    If Samsung can do it with good battery life,I would hope Apple has the same abilities.
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    Iphone 5 screen size?

    How big would you like to see the screen on the ip5?I might be in the minority,but I would like to see a 4.6" screen as seen in the pic,I think this mock version looks amazing.....
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    Is Evi as Good as Siri?

    Looking at the reviews on the App store its not even close to rivaling Siri,I wont even bother with the .99 cent price tag.
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    Thanks!!....the font used is called "Salsa"
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    I spent a couple hours trying to get my lock screen the way I like it,bit of a novice when it comes to tweaking the phone(ip4 ios5).I prefer a clean not too cluttered look,thought I would post it here...
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    Anyone try one of these projector units out??

    Found this on Ebay,looks interesting as well as cheap enough,but does it work?I believe the projected screen resolution is 320x240,so I can't imagine its very sharp or bright,claims to have up to a 40" screen size. Mini Projector for iPhone 4 and 3GS (SD, AV IN) on (item 260767789284...
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    Make your iphone 4 faster?

    I have tried it for a day now,no doubt it works,none.Just wonder if it could possibly damage the phone?I dont have a clue as to how it works.:confused:
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    Make your iphone 4 faster?

    I found this new hack on Cydia called "Speed Intensifier",don't know how it works,but I'll be darned if it doesn't make my phone faster??Give it a try a let me know if I am crazy :confused:
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    Pitch Speed App

    That is the LAST thing I would want to do with my $650 iphone:)
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    The OFFICIAL Jailbreak Updates Thread

    NEVER pay for a JB,likely a scam.
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    The UGLIEST damned case I have ever seen!!

    Title says it all..... YouTube - Review: LTD Tools iPhone 4 Case with Lid
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    Carbon Fiber Case

    I ordered one of these,obviously I think its the best choice out there...
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    M-Tech Design carbon fibre case.

    I also ordered one,my only concern is the carbon fiber affecting the reception.Do you find any less bars with the case on?Glad to hear you like it!!