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    Syncing JB iPhone 4

    I recently had to reformat my laptop and when I got her up and running again I downloaded iTunes. It is asking me to sync my iPhone before I can add a ringtone. If I sync will I lose my jailbreak?
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    Facetime option gone

    Yeah that fixed it. Stupid me. I wonder how it turned itself off. I was about to do a restore and re jailbreak Sent from my iPhone using
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    Facetime option gone

    Hey everyone So I went to FaceTime earlier today and it wouldn't work. I pulled up my contacts list and SMS app and call log to see if I could find a way to get it to work. Anyone have an idea? Sent from my iPhone using
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    3 ipod classics for a touch?

    Cool I really appreciate the input. I'm gonna hold off on the touch. Sent from my iPhone using
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    3 ipod classics for a touch?

    I know this is an iPhone forum but would anyone trade 3 classic iPods for an iPod touch 4th gen 32gig? The game stop around the corner has refurbished iPods now and is offering me just about enough to cover the cost of the touch. Would it be worth it if I already have an iPhone? Sent from my...
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    Jailbreaking Verizon iPhone

    Mine is jail broken and my wife's isn't and they both work seamlessly. Sent from my iPhone using
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    Wait to upgrade to IOS5 or not

    Im good with iOS 5.0.1 on my iPhone. The untethered jailbreak is running awesome. I sometimes forget its jailbroken because its so seamless.
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    Happy Fifth Birthday iPhone!

    Happy B-day iPhone.
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    Good news on ios 5 untethered jailbreak

    Hell it's dangerous in general. Like at work. You never predict when your gonna leave. Always bad luck. Sent from my iPhone using
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    Is DreamBoard work on ios5.0.1?

    Its working for me so far. Im deleting it because I just leave my default settings up
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    Ifile not working???

    I downloaded the update the other day and now iFile starts to open and then closes. Every time it makes it either further into the program or closes right away. Is anyone else having an issue with it? Sent from my iPhone using
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    Help with JB IOS 5.0.1

    I lost all my messages from when I initially jail broke it. That was I think because I had to restore it and then update the firmware. Sent from my iPhone using
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    Cannot locate package?

    All the repos have been gettin slammed with hit from people trying to get their packages back. Everything will level out. Sent from my iPhone using
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    Help with JB IOS 5.0.1

    I'm not promising perfection just recalling what I did. The hardest part for me was backing up my blobs but with iFaith it was easy as pie. Sent from my iPhone using