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    bluetooth earphones with good microphone

    That makes sense. My main goal is to have something to use that I can drive with, so I am still looking for a recommendation for an ear piece that is known to have a good mic on it. While I don't spend that much time talking and driving, I do need to be understood easily when I am talking. So...
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    bluetooth earphones with good microphone

    I have just begun looking to purchase a good set of earphones to work with my iPhone 6S, because bluetoothing through my car audio system isn't giving me a clear voice. Or would an over the ear piece be better? Again, its about my voice going out while I am in a car. Thanks for any...
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    I am not sure if I am using the correct search term or not so I am not finding other discussion here. The facebook ad (even if I dread those) Lemon Wallet has caught my eye. Something of that nature would be great for me. My first thought was about security. After realizing that there...
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    PhoneClean program

    Sometimes I feel very Lacking. I'm not familiar with a phone cleaner. Would you give some examples, please? What are the advantages of using one? How much space does it save? Thanks, Debbie
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    Changing app to a different account

    When I go into settings I only see my personal account. How do I delete the work account? Would simply deleting those 2 apps do so? How do I save the documents for when I redownload the app under my personal account.
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    Changing app to a different account

    I have 2 apps that were installed from a work account. I know longer have access that account, so the apps will not update. I want to continue to use those apps and I want to update them. How do I do this? Is there a way to remove the work account from my phone?
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    Apple password

    I changed my password at the App Store because of computer issues. Apparently I've forgotten my new password and now I can't update my apps. The password reset link won't send me an email and I don't think I ever set my secret information. Anyone know what I can do to reset my password?
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    computer crashed

    Seems like this should be a general question. Maybe I just don't know how to search. My pc has crashed. I have a new pc and need to make that the back-up for both my iPhone and iPad. I've found directions before and they sound scary. I tried backing up to iCloud. It was talking so long...
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    bluetooth earpiece that works with Siri

    Thanks for your reply. I am fairly new to the iPhone/iPad scene and have so much investigating to do. I had either received a defective bluetooth or it just wouldn't pick up my tones, not sure. I ended up, with sales help, getting a cheaper item that works superbly, comparatively. I like...
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    bluetooth earpiece that works with Siri

    I've read with interest some of the posts in this forum, but the posts I seem to be pulling up through "search" are, in my opinion outdated, so I am thinking you might have some more current answers. I am new to the iPhone scene and have a 4gs. I purchased what I was told was the best ear...