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    EPUB to PDF/Doc Converter Available?

    Hi people! Can any of you help me?! Im trying to print off a couple of pages from i book i bought from itunes for ibooks that is in epub format. Searched high and low for a converter that will let me view it in word/adobe on my computer but to no avail. There are plenty of converters the other...
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    Belkin iPod/iphone Tunebase FM II Transmitter

    Bought one of these from for 17.99 reduced from 70. Doesent say its compatable with iphone4 but i took the risk and it works like a dream, clear music with no hissing direct to your car speakers via the cigarette adaptor, charging the phone whilst playing! Thought id share my...
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    No Phone PIN Option & Vibration Only Mode?

    Thank you dannyboy! Both questions answered, a very happy customer!
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    No Phone PIN Option & Vibration Only Mode?

    Thanks for the quick reply! I've now set my phone for vibrate only. Regarding the sim pin, activating this will still make people see my files/messages if they were to switch my phone on? I'm hoping after a phone pin if possible to prevent anyone switching my phone on and accessing it. Thanks...
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    No Phone PIN Option & Vibration Only Mode?

    Hi people, i know there is an option for a sim pin but is there a way i can use a phone pin so everytime i switch my iphone on it asks me for a pin before proceeding? The sim pin is fine but you can still browse photos/mail if the phone were stolen for example. Secondly, is there a vibration...