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    Liquid Glass screen protector

    Lattercase is good
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    iPhone 12 Cases

    I have Lattercase there srcreen protector is awesome it’s like it’s not even there looks just like your screen also there case is awesome just like holding your phone with out a case
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    Calls Not Alerting

    Greetings, You know at times when people call me I just either get a vibrate alert or silent only on some callers mostly from my contact list I checked in my settings can’t seem to find any option my GF calls me it’s sometimes alerts me and at times is silent alert
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    Quick tips & tricks.

    NVM got it sorry
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    Quick tips & tricks.

    Sorry to be a noob once I’ve done in the settings how do I double tap for a screenshot?
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    Quick tips & tricks.

    Thank You
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    Quick tips & tricks.

    Hi, How do you double tap for screenshots? When I do a screenshot I hit the right side button and the up volume button at the same time for a screenshot