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    An issue with Installous

    What I've found out is that sync your phone with iTunes. When it has finished leave the USB cable connected and download + install what ever is needed on installous, once completed go back to iTunes and click on transfer purchased it'll transfer whatever has been installed into iTunes
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    Any good apps out there worth having please?

    tapatalk, flight control, facebook, flickr cant think of anymore of the top of my head.
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    Any news on ios 4.0.1 update

    .... apple secretly not allowing you to buy any sony products! >:D
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    updating to 4.0.1

    I cant see what the error is as the screenshot is .. well.. tiny..
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    wifi problems

    have you configured the router correctly? If the router has been configured by someone else they might have enabled additional security features, such as your MAC address has to be added to the allowed to connect database, more ip addresses enabled if it limited to 4 - 5 devices. etc etc.. Or...
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    Any news on ios 4.0.1 update

    some people have said the 4.0.1 update has fixed the proximity sensor... I havent noticced the fault yet either, only time will tell..
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    iPhone 4 Forums using Tapatalk

    I think it's brilliant.. Have had no problems since the new update.
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    iPhone 4 antenna problems.. recall?

    Sure there's a problem with the antenna but there's still a lot of happy users and there's also a lot of users where the problem doesn't affect them as much or at all. Not to mention there's a lot of people who just can't be arsed with writing to anyone. But then again if anyone can be...
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    Any news on ios 4.0.1 update

    I couldn't see any updates? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Landscape Not Working

    You haven't locked it in portrait mode have you? Double click on the home button scroll to the left and there's a orientation lock button first one on the left.. hope this helps.. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk