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    Syncing Yahoo mail and Outlook

    Hi, Does anyone know how I can access my email in Outlook on my iPhone and iPad? To explain further....... I'm using Outlook 2010 to access my email on my Yahoo account. This works fine on my PC but on my iPhone and iPad I access my mail through Yahoo. There is no synchronisation between the...
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    Why are the "Siri" phonetic name options not working??!

    Is anyone else having problems with phonetic name options when it comes to Siri pronouncing "special" names? I've added phonetical versions of friends first names but the pronunciation is still wrong. I know this is still a beta version of Siri but how can Apple offer an option that doesn't work...
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    Correct pronounciation of name/ add words to Siri's vocabulary

    Hi, A new joiner here and having problems using the phonetical name fields of contacts. I'm Irish so my first name is not pronounced as it's spelt. I've added the phonetical spelling to the phonetical first name field of my personal details and Siri now pronounces it correctly when, for...