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    Itunes does not open automatically when connecting to my pc-iphone 5s

    Make sure the process "iTuneshelper" is set to run at startup. If not, iTunes won't run when you plug in your device Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    My spouse is tracking me....

    Yeah that's creepy. If my girlfriend was smart enough to figure that out, I'd probably just flush my phone down the toilet and use pay phones or carrier pigeons Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Make Sprint iPhone think it's on Verizon

    Have fun with sprint. They have the worst service I've ever experienced. I switched to Verizon. I don't even care that I don't have unlimited data anymore either because it's worth it. I get better call quality with one bar on Verizon than 4 bars on sprint. And the data speeds on Verizon blow...
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    Stay away from sprint

    Switched to Verizon from sprint. Couldn't be happier. Call quality is a million times better, I can actually use the Internet because it's so much faster, and I literally have LTE everywhere I go. I hardly saw the LTE logo on sprint. Main reason for switching was dropped calls and call quality...
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    8.1 update ?

    Few minutes
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    Grayed "Send" button glitch in iPF app

    I forgot there's a dedicated app to this forum lol.. I'm using tap stalk free though with no issues ever.
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    Thoughts on the iPhone 5S. Is it good, bad?

    I just updated to iOS 8 on my 5s and battery life has improved a good amount so far.
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    Thoughts on the iPhone 5S. Is it good, bad?

    I like mine a lot. Coming from a 4s to the 5s was a huge change. The 5s is so fast and smooth and the camera is awesome. But I will never put my fingerprint in it. Never. I still think it's a conspiracy
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    Weird noise

    Yeah I'll take it in and see what they say. I have a feeling I'll have to deal with it. Which is fine since it seems more common than I thought. It just bugs me Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Weird noise

    Because of the button? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Weird noise

    So I got my 5s about two months ago, upgraded from a 4s. I love the phone! But just have a couple concerns. The camera makes noise when I shake the phone. My 4s did this so Im not really worried. What does bother me though is the actual lock button rattles too. Its pretty noisy. Is anyone elses...
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    IOS 6.0.1 - Jailbreakers Beware!

    Is untethered JB available for A4 devices on 6.0.1 currently?
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    What would you like to see different for the iPhone 5?

    There is no flaw in my logic. People that line up and spend hundreds of dollars on something only slightly better are sheep. I retracted my statement and said even if I had an upgrade I wouldn't buy the 5. Nice try though.
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    iPhone 5 vs iPhone 4 - Should You Upgrade?

    Like I said, if you like it that's all that matters. But I personally wouldn't spend all that money on something that is only slightly "better".
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    What would you like to see different for the iPhone 5?

    Even if I did have an upgrade I still wouldn't get the 5. I'm not a sheep that forks out hundreds of dollars to get a new iPhone that is hardly better than the previous one.