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    Auxo crashing springboard

    Someone hand out the The Mods are getting sentimental. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
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    Thinking of Jailbreaking but are not sure?

    If you take the time to work with iTunes 11 you can get it to look like the older iTunes 10 setup.
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    How back up iOS and Save IPSW before jailbreak?

    Easy method is to restore to iOS 6.1 then use the evasi0n jailbreak....
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    help! what ios for 3gs can be openline?

    A custom firmware is required to update your firmware as you are running with the iPad baseband for the unlock.
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    What should i download?

    Hello Simon and welcome to the forum.... Before going mad and install random apps/tweaks from Cydia start by installing apps like SBsettings , iFile, OpenSSH, Mobile Terminal. These may help you if/when you get into trouble.
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    Slider tweak to open apps?

    I'm using Activator and QuickDo, on my iPhone and iPad....and is nearly all gesture based....
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    Slider tweak to open apps?

    A neater option(in my opinion) would be to link Apps to gestures on the lockscreen via Activator...
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    Bricked iphone 4

    Just use the redsn0w tool...follow the directions to get you into DFU mode... it's all about exact timing...keep on trying until you get there... Your options are to restore to the latest firmware or back to an Untethered jailbreakable firmware like 5.1.1..
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    People can't hear me when I hold my iPhone 5 with my head

    You can always use the supplied headphones to free up your hands... you can't whine about muffled calls if you don't hold the handset correctly...
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    Jailbreak iphone 3g with cydia, thought deleting cydia and apps would de-jailbreak...

    The link won't fix the problem for the OP... iPad baseband has been installed, a custom firmware is required to restore iPhone to stock... Sent from my iPad using
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    iPhone 3G Recovery Error 1015

    Take the time to re-read what Willerz2's correct... The OP is trying to restore to 4.1 firmware which requires SHSH blobs [ because it's not currently signed by Apple] ..... If the OP decides to install 4.2.1 firmware would easier as this is currently signed by Apple and is the...
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    can i make iphone 4 sim free

    The iPad baseband only works with iPhone 3GS the OP has an iPhone 4.. Sent from my iPad using
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    howdy new member

    not sure about the hand holding... But you definitely come to the right place for the latest information on jailbreaking.... Welcome.... Sent from my iPad using
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    Maybe a Cheaper iPhone is on the Way After All!

    Lol.......:) Sent from my iPad using
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    Phil Schiller Derails Cheap iPhone Rumours

    Let the Mind Games begin.....;)