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    Should I update 4.2.1?

    My iphone 4 is 4.1(8B117) and I jailbroken it with greenpoison, Im planning to upgrade it with iTunes to 4.2, is 4.2 in iTunes desame as the 4.2.1 that I always see in forums? Where can i get 4.2.1? should I update to 4.2 first before updating 4.2.1? What should I do? please help me. thank you:D
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    Bluetooth application

    Is there a working bluetooth application for iOS 4.1 that can transfer files from different phones. Example; Photos from iPhone to Nokia Phones. Helpppp me pleaseeeeee! iBlueNova and iBluetooth doesnt work. T_________T
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    Facetime help!!

    I just bought an iphone here in saudi arabia in mobily carrier, I just notice now that they blocked the facetime in that carrier. I bought mine without options of facetime. I bought mine in 4.1, is it still posible to have facetime in my case? Is there a app in cydia that can activate facetime...
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    Facetime question

    Why can't i see my facetime option in the Settings>Phone ? No facetime in my iPhone 4? :O
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    Just got an iPhone4

    Thank you so much! Now everthing about tether is clear for me. One last question.. What is better? limerain or greenpoison? I really want the best for my iPhone :D
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    Just got an iPhone4

    Ohhh? So the good decision is I should jailbreak it with 4.1? But what is better? Limera1n or greenp0ison? One question, what do you mean by teathered and unthethered?
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    Just got an iPhone4

    I just bought a new iPhone last week, Black,16GB,iOS 4.1. Any suggestions if I should update to 4.2.1, or should I jailbreak it now with 4.1? Can you suggest me a good jailbreaking program? Thanks :D
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    IOS 4.2 unlock

    did you buy your iphone 4 automatically updated to 4.1?
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    iPhone 4 question

    Heyy! I just wanna ask, coz my uncle is buying me an iPhone 4 in states, and Im probably getting it on december, I just wanna know about know about the basebands? or How will I know if I can unlock it? And I read some comments, there are many problems in unlocking the iPhone 4, example like...
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    iPhone 4 in states question

    Its good but, Im gonna use it starting for my college, That iPhone is used, I dont know if thats good. I really think I need a brand new for my graduation gift.
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    iPhone 4 in states question

    But our only budget is 650$.. Does apple store the only store sells it 650$ for iPhone 16GB?
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    iPhone 4 in states question

    Holyyyyyyyyyyyyy sh*t. But, do you think there still iPhone 4 4.0 iOS's in california? I wish there is..
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    iPhone 4 in states question

    The new iPhone 4's in states are automatically updated to 4.1? If thats the case, Can I downgrade it to 4.0?
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    iPhone 4 in states question

    If my friend will buy me an new iPhone 4 16GB worth of 650$ in states, how can we know if its 4.1 or not?
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    iPhone 4 in states question

    sorry for reposting, but can you please tell me, does this work? iClarified - iPhone - How to Unlock the iPhone 4, 3GS, 3G Using UltraSn0w