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    Want A New iPhone 6 But Don't Have The Bucks

    After the first iPhone, I've been staying one model behind. I just bought my iPhone 5S. This has served me well.
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    Battery not lasting long on iOS 7.1.2

    I've noticed the same on my 4S. Battery Life is not good since I installed the latest IOS. I hope Apple fixes this. I have shut down most everything I can right now and that sucks.
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    Whats your favorite color iphone 5s

    No you are not alone. Gold would be nice if it were not for it being a champagne color. I think the silver trim on the white phone is a bit more eloquent than the others. I like the space grey too, but not as much as the silver. I'd kick none of them off my desk.
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    How many of you use Waterproof case as everyday cases?

    I know it's big, but I like the Otter Box Armor Case. My phone fits well inside it, it is well protected, it is easier for me to hold my phone and hearing is no issue for me or the people I call. It's too bad it is no longer available from Otter Box.
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    3GS Contract up on 5/22/13 -- What can I do or use the phone with after I cancel.

    My iPhone 3gs sat unused for a couple years. I used a iPhone 4, then 4s. While I like the 4s, I've activated an unused number to have my 3gs to use again. So, I do not recommend you sell or give away your 3gs if it is still working. To me, the shape and therefore, the feel of the 3 series...
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    Hello from the Bluegrass

    Welcome iDroppedAndroid. I'm from Bullitt County (south of Louisville, north of Bardstown) but moved to Indianapolis four years ago. I'm always glad to have another Kentuckian around. Dale
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    Hey There Everyone!

    Hey Whittler. I started with the 3g also and went to the 4 a couple years later. Since then I have bought a 3gs and another 4 from friends that went with another brand. There are many good people on this forum to learn from. I know I'm happy I joined.
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    Lifeproof cases

    How long is the life span of this case? It seems that most everyone likes the Lifeproof case, however the reviews on the Best Buy site gives it a low overall rating due to breaks, tears and other problems that show up after a few months of use. Anyone out there that has used this case for 6...
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    Daylight savings Problems East Coast

    My iPhone sets automaticly, so I don't understand the words "pushed back" in your sentence. Don't push (move?) the time back one hour, but do move the time ahead one hour.
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    Iphone 4 battery case

    Quality does cost. I recommend the Mophie batteries. Either their 99 dollar Juice Pack Plus or their 79 dollar Juice Pack Air will do you find. I have two of the 79 dollar one and one 99 dollar one.
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    Clear bumpers

    I bought one for my iP4 and like it alot. It's the one I have on my phone now.
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    Bumpered Iphone 4s and pouch with belt clip?

    I don't know about the universal pouch, but tuff-as nuts (nutshell) down in New Zealand makes very nice leather pouches for iphones and other items wearing just about any case available. I don't know how much money you want to spend or how fancy you want to get, but you might want to check with...
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    Gorilla Glass added to the list of specs on the iPhone 5

    I had thought my IP4 had Gorilla Glass but was not certain. I think it is cool to know that Apple has been using it for some time.
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    Any feedback about iOS 5.0.1 update?

    I update mine some time ago and have noticed no significant change one way or the other. bc
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    iPhone 4s

    Welcome Webturtle. I'm not sure, but I don't think we have a Webwabbit.