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    Best top 5 cydia app & tweaks to install for 2011

    Ah, guess I need to learn some more about my iPhone, I did not realize these apps were for a "jailbroke" phone, mine is not......yet.
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    Best top 5 cydia app & tweaks to install for 2011

    Hmm, search does not find: biteSMS My3G MiWi ???????
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    iPhone 4 and Bose Bluetooth headset

    Bought the Bose headset for my wife, the reviews said you could listen to music, just would not be sterio. We got the headset today, voice is very clear, but we have not been able to figure out how to make music play throught the headset. Any ideas?
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    Moved from US Cellular to AT&T iPhone4

    Little town called Chillicothe, Texas, halfway between DFW and Amarillo.
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    Bulk Cancelling of emails

    As far as I know, only thing you can do is hit "edit" then choose each email, then hit archive. Or, log into your email on the computer, delete all the emails, then the next time your phone syncs with your email, they will all be gone. I know this works with gmail, not sure about any others
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    Display & auto answere..

    Dont think there is an auto answer on the the iPhone, I miss that option also. Had that on my Razr phone and is was nice when connected to my Zumo 550 on my Goldwing.
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    I applied a different ringtone to my wifes contact info, so when she calls it rings different. It still rings with the default phone ringtone, even though it shows the other one is active. Any ideas?
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    Otterbox Defender Case Review (Iphone 4)

    My son has been using a Otter box for his 3G for over a year now and he told me that is the first thing to get for my new iPhone 4. We actually ordered them and had them here before the phones arrived, so the went from the box to the otter box. Mine is the Red and my wife got the Pink one. I...
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    Moved from US Cellular to AT&T iPhone4

    I have been on US Cellular since the 80's when cell phones first came available. USCC has always lagged a year behind everyone else on new phones, but it was the only service that worked in my area. We were part of the 3% of AT&T that was NOT covered, but that changed about a month ago. My wifes...