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    Best apps

    Poynt vocal Flipboard Stumbleupon
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    Best apps

    Here are some of my favorites.....Evernote, SimpleNote, StumbleUpon, Vocal, Flipboard, TUAW, Camera+ Big Radar, dictation,go...all three are good
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    Vocal for iphone and mac

    Works fine now. Update solved the problem. Love the app. Best dictation app I have ever used.
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    IPhone 4s cellular data usage

    thanks for the tip...turned mine off too....not sure what good it does to leave it on...
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    Vocal for iphone and mac

    I may have an additional clue....I suddenly realized that the desktop that works with the Vocal app is wired and the laptop is not wired to the wifi...not sure of the reason the wired one works.....nor sure that is even the reason it works...but perhaps a clue to someone out there. It is really...
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    Vocal for iphone and mac

    Downloaded Vocal for iphone 4s and my mac...seems is working on my desktop but not my laptop. I know is new but hoping to find someone with an answer I have turned off firewall on my mac...the phone is working on other mac...get a screen on phone saying no other computers...
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    List of Siri Commands

    Great list of commands...loved it...thanks
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    Forum Rules - Please Read!

    Sounds good to me...