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    What's the best way to get the photos on my PC into my iPhone?

    Edit: (autocorrect sucks) If your device is jailbroken, pwntunes is an option.
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    Taking videos/pictures from your iPhone 6 plus

    I don't believe you can send it directly to your pc but you can have it automatically upload to cloud services such as I cloud or onedrive and then access it from your pc
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    Photos with the iPhone 6 Plus.

    Wow. Great photo
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    Who has the 16GB model?

    @poison. I wonder that as well. Supposedly iPhones don't get bloat ware that is carrier based but who knows. I do know however that there are minor files that get added on that are carrier specific but those are small files and wouldn't make too much a difference. @Mark. And there's that as...
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    Who has the 16GB model?

    Hmm. Guess the iPhone 6 os is pretty different.
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    Wait time for iPhone 6 plus

    Weird. Your post is the exact same, grammar and all, as another post from Andres.gonzalez that was posted on 9/21.
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    Who has the 16GB model?

    I'm not sure how big the os is on the 6(i can't imagine it's much different) but the available storage on my iPhone 6+ 64GB is 55.6. That means the os and who knows what else takes up 8.4GB. Subtract that from your 16GB iphone and well. You can do the math. Yeah you can store pics on the cloud...
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    iPhone 6 photos

    Pretty cliche but
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    Photos with the iPhone 6 Plus.

    The old Florida national bank in Jacksonville, FL. They had a party for the Armada football (soccer) club that were getting
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    Photos with the iPhone 6 Plus.

    at this party inside an old building downtown.
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    Tim Cook Publicly Announces That he is "Proud to be Gay"

    Alls I can say is that I like the direction Tim Cook is taking the company. I mean. The iPad mini 3 could have been a little more impressive but that's neither here nor there. Keep up the great work Mr Cook.
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    iPhones Will Sell 10 Units to Every One Galaxy Note 4, Claims Analyst

    People say they should have come out with a larger iphone long ago but I'm not so sure. It seems like the strategic plan not to has paid off.
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    Apple Pay is Refused by Walmart, Best Buy, CVS and Rite Aid

    Did you guys see where the beta version of currentc is getting hacked already? Emails are getting swiped. And it starts. My source is from Engadget.
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    Apple Pay is Refused by Walmart, Best Buy, CVS and Rite Aid

    I like that companies are trying to get on their own and create competition. Competition is good. However, while apple themselves may not collect data through apple pay, other companies do so anyone who thinks they'll stick with Apple pay for that reason is mislead. However. I am going to think...
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    Insurance? Insurance? Insurance closed!

    Just a preference. I also say it depends on the owner. If you're careful with your device and/or have a good case then don't worry about it. But if you're accident prone then get it. Not sure what the difference is though. Maybe someone else can chime in.