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    Another video shot entirely using iPhone 4

    Looks a bit jerky....
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    IPhone 4 Adult Emoticons

    That sucks :)
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    Custum SMS tones wont work

    I am having a similar problem, i can't hear mine either.....
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    IPhone 4 Adult Emoticons

    Do they do these..? thought having them on my phone and sending them might get a few laughs. Does anyone know where these could be obtained from..
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    Greenpois0n or Limera1n?

    Limera1n works fine on my Iphone 4 4.1. Had to do a reboot after to get the icons to show the pics but that is about it.
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    Sat Nav...

    First of all please move this if it is in the wrong section, i took a look at the sections but couldn't find one relative to my question. This is probably a nooby question but i am not sure so i will ask. Can you use your iphone 4 as a sat nav..? If so how do i connect to the sat..?. Does it...
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    Lost IPhone 4- want to recover!!! $100 cash reward

    I take it you don't know the name of the cab company..? have you called the police. Not knowing who you are they might have handed it in.
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    Post your iPhone 4 HDR Photos!

    Love Blackpool, took my boys there for a few days last year and will go again this year. did that on my cam inside the sealife centre.
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    Post your iPhone 4 HDR Photos!

    Other side of the beach
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    Hi. Is there a way to re-arrange the icons on my iphone..? I would like to place my more used ones on the front page so to speak. *EDIT*...Ignore this, sussed it.
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    SHAtter Exploit will Jailbreak All Existing iOS Devices Forever !

    Same here, but when's it coming out...? It's frustrating, i spent over a day on 4.0.2 trying to find ways of jailbreaking it, till i realised you can't, so i have now updated to 4.1 and am eagerly awaiting.
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    Driver install problem.

    ~Laughs~ Well if you mean the Operating System it's 64bit Windows 7 Ultimate.
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    Driver install problem.

    Hi. Everytime i plug my phone to the computer via usb, it comes up with the installing driver notification and then fails to install it properly. What i then have to do is go into device manager uninstall the unknown device re-install and then reboot to get it to run. This i have to do...
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    Custom SMS Tones...

    Ringtones are actually quite easy, i have just put 10 or so on my NON jailbroken Iphone4. My problem lies with custom SMS ones.