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    Welcome to the iPhone 8 Forum

    Hi Guys, will iphone 8 pre order start end of the month?
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    iPhone 7 Red tempered glass

    Hi i have received it today, and am very impressed with it, as this is a newer type of tempered glass i have seen & used. So with this the glass is in the middle and the outside is more of a soft fibre frame (i think soft fibre is used for better protection for the phone - Image two showing what...
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    iPhone 7 Red tempered glass

    Hi Guys, i have ordered my red iphone 7 128gb, when i was in the checkout page, i noticed apple had many accessories however they didn't have a good glass screen to go the new red handset. I wanted to know if other people have ordered some red glass for their new phone, as i cant find many...
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    What are you doing right NOW??? ;)

    updating my iphone with the new ios update 9.3.5
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    Iphone 7 pre-orders date SEP 9/12th or 16th ??

    When is the iphone 7 pre order date. Some sources are saying sep 9 th and other september 12/16th? "Evan Blass, better known to many as EvLeaks, previously noted that pre-orders for the iPhone 7 would begin on September 12. Now his sources claim the phones will hit stores on the 16th" Please...
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    Photos with the 6s plus

    nice pictures
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    Hello people

    Hello people
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    Anyone getting the iPhone SE

    I just feel apple are running out of ideas using previous models like the 5 and upgrading putting better chips/features to sell it as a SE. Hopefully the iphone 7 will be a big upgrade from the 6s.