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    When trying to connect to wifi it tries to log me in to

    Mine seems to be back on and stable now...don't really know what it was though.
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    When trying to connect to wifi it tries to log me in to

    I just updated two phones to iOS 6 and me and my buddy 20 miles away away are having the same issues.
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    Just noticed something about my wife's 3GS

    Apparently I've never used my compass soon as I opened the compass app, it showed up in my location services.
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    Just noticed something about my wife's 3GS

    Nevermind...I figured it out...I'm such a '!
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    Just noticed something about my wife's 3GS

    I was matching our location services last night and noticed something on my wife's Location Services screen that I dont have on's the Compass... both phones are updated to iOS 5.1...why is it on hers and not mine? Her screen shot is on the left, mine is on the right...
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    3G speed

    i don't think there is much you can do about it. What carrier are you with?
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    Be gentle with me! lol!

    Welcome to!
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    is the iPhone4 more reliable than android?

    Keep in mind I have never owned an Android device, but reading posts from Android converts that join up here, would it be fair to say that the iPhone and iOS platform itself is more "stable" than the Android platform?
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    So, you can't use facetime on 4G network?

    It's only on the AT&T phones, and AT&T considers any phone that runs an HSPA 14.4 connection 4G
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    New Member

    Welcome to the forum...nice to have you!
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    error 1601 need help plz

    I assume you are updating via iTunes? If so, according to what I have found, you need to completely uninstall iTunes from your computer and reinstall it.
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    My iPhone is sizzling :(

    Just make sure if you do sell it, you do so honestly and describe the iPhones problems clearly to prospective buyers!
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    Problem during calling someone on Iphone 3GS

    It's definately not an iOS problem as it isnt happening with any of our 3GS phones.
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    iOS 5.1 Released

    Just updated all three of our iPhones via iTunes...I really dig the swipe camera feature on the lock screen.