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    Help with daughters iphone

    Did you buy this phone used? The iPhone 6 I believe had issues on some phones. Screen issues, and so on.
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    Robo, Spam, Scam Relief--Little Things Mean A Lot! Thank you APPLE!

    Man I been getting these calls a bunch lately. Says it’s the Social Security office telling me that my SS number will be suspended due to fraudulent use in TX. They always call with a local number near the city I live in. I block the number and darn if they don’t call from a different...
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    Add an emoji button to stock keyboard?

    That shows up on my stock keyboard even if I am not using Tapatalk. Here are all the keyboards i have installed. Maybe this can help to identify which of these is the one that places this smiley face on my keyboard.
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    Malware/spyware iPhone 8 Plus

    The iPhone is not one that gets malware/spyware, or can be hacked if at all or even a slight bit from all that I know about them. I’ve owned quite a few apple products and can say with pretty good certainty that they don’t have virus or malware issues like devices that run open source apps and...
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    Add an emoji button to stock keyboard?

    I’ve added several keyboards and have many apps for emojis. This may be why I show different keyboard then what you’re does. I also use Tapatalk Pro, which I pay for. Again this may be what’s different from what you show.
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    Facebook messages?

    Yup. I get the ones that are supposedly from Apple. But as said, they are just a scam to get you to click onto the link or whatever, and to get your personal info. Delete it or send it to your junk mail so you don’t receive them anymore.
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    Latest OS versions - discussions

    No issues here running 13.3.1 on my 11 Pro Max.
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    Add an emoji button to stock keyboard?

    On my phone there is a smiley face on the bottom left of the keyboard that brings up emojis. Here is a photo of what I I am speaking of.
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    The "PARTICIPATED" Tab is not showing all threads in the apps.

    Mine shows 200 in the participated. It sure how many replies to posts I have made, but sounds close. Not sure If I’ve got some sort of limit or not. Don’t remember setting anything like that up in Tapatalk settings. Anyhow, just to confirm, I scrolled through my “Participated” tab and it...
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    Unlocking iphone x

    I would take it back to the shop you bought it from ASAP. There is not a safe or legal way to go about getting the phone unlocked that I know of. Especially if the carrier has it locked down.
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    What Watch Face are you using?

    Aerofly, do you like that Rhinoshield watch case or cover? I’ve looked at it several times just not sure about how well it stays on the watch. Thx for any and all replies. Sorry to post here.
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    Your day in just 3 words

    We be jammin!!
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    Your day in just 3 words

    Why ask why?